Friday, April 8, 2016

Last Hurdle....

...for at least the next week, that is!

This past Tuesday and Wednesday were big days here in my little world.

Papa had his second interview at Potential Job #1 on Tuesday.  They had him meet with the different department heads that he would be working with should he be offered this position.  Papa said it went very well - to the point where the "big" boss was extremely impressed.  However, over the course of the last few months, we have been reminded time and time again not to get ahead of ourselves.  Nothing is definite.  I really do hope that this job is the one though.  I know Papa would like the challenge.  It's only about thirty minutes away in a city with which we are familiar.  As far as we could tell from our limited knowledge, the health benefits are good - which is an important component obviously due to my MS.
Today he has a third quick telephone call this morning with yet another person from Job #1.  This is just with what we think is a vendor he would have to work with should he get this job.

Papa had his second interview at Potential Job #2 on Wednesday.  This job would pay more that #1 but he is relatively sure there is a way higher healthcare deductible and possible international travel to China.  This interview went smoothly as well.  On the way out of the building, they did tell  Papa they would be in touch soon but have another candidate coming in for second interviews too. It is always nerve wracking to hear there are two of you in the running.  Yes, you are aware there are more people than you interviewing for a job but it's a different story when it's actually vocalized....if that makes any sense.

We have been discussing the "what ifs" now so we can be prepared if/when offer(s) are brought to the table.  Papa would jump at either position. If BOTH businesses make offers to Papa, he would like the first job (even with slightly less money).  I am in complete agreement.  And, when I say "less money", he would still be slightly above what he was making at the job that laid him off.

The other hurdle was on Wednesday.  Papa's brother (the one I talked about earlier in my blog with the diseased liver) has been in the hospital for at least the past three weeks.  The doctors have called what has happened to him as "miraculous" in that his kidneys have almost completely shut down twice and bounced back enough to not need dialysis or a transplant...yet.  The kidneys are struggling due to the liver not functioning (he is on the organ waiting list currently).  On Wednesday, they did a procedure that would have some of the blood bypass his liver (which isn't working anyway) and hopefully give his kidneys a break and buy some time while waiting on the list for the new liver.  Papa and I went to this hospital Thursday morning to visit.  He was in a lot of pain but the doctors say that is to be expected and they think the procedure was successful and should help in the long run.

Why am I calling these "hurdles"?  These were the last few things that had to be tackled before (hopefully) smooth sailing next week.  Like I previously mentioned, Spring Break is next week for the Guppies so Papa and I want as stress free a week as possible.

I will be going "off grid" (also like I mentioned before) this Saturday and returning to my regular blogging on Monday the 18th.  But, truthfully?  I hope that I get interrupted to blog that Papa was offered a job!

Otherwise, I hope you all have a great week and will rejoin me in my blogging adventures once Spring Break is over!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Crossing my fingers and sending good wishes your way...for the job with no international travel :) I agree, more money isn't always the answer and closer to hope is happier for everyone!!!

  2. Fingers crossed & enjoy your break!