Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Shopping Totals.....

Here's the last of my shopping totals from yesterday...

TJ MAXX:  $21.99
Calvin Klein dress shirt for Papa to wear with his suit

1 pair of black Converse sneakers for G1
12 pairs of women's white no peak socks (to split among me, G1, & G2)

KOHL'S :  $85.08
1 bra (for me)
12 pairs of underwear (for me)
Yeah, along with my makeup splurge, I splurged on new undergarments.  But, take my word for it, it was completely necessary and bras to hold up my "girls" are pricey!!!  LOL  Also, I was down to two or three "good" pairs of panties!

The only thing left that I can think of that is still needed for the Spring/Summer months now are those %$^#@! flip flops for the girls!  I have put $40 away towards these.  Anything left will be rolled into the found money account.

I am totally done with the mall now...Unless the Guppies need rides there and spend their own money!  =)


  1. Doesn't Old Navy have a big sale on flip flops each year?

    1. Yeah I think they do. It hasn't happened yet though. The girls both located their flip flops from last year - G1's were actually a freebie from a Fidelco tour - and decided that they wanted to use those for as much of the spring/summer as possible. I will hold on to the $$$ for the flip flops for now and see how long these truly last.