Saturday, April 23, 2016

My MIL, Costco, & Farmer's Market Finds....

First off, my mother in law's surgery yesterday was (finally!) successful!  This morning they decided to remove the breathing tube since she is doing so well!  I am 100% sure that made her very happy as I think that has been the absolute worst part of all this in her opinion believe it or not!  Anyway, I am super hopeful that next week things can get pretty much  back to business as usual with only an evening trip to visit her instead of the all day marathons we've had this past week!

My parents offered to bring me to Costco this morning to do some restocking off supplies - and with only around $100 left in the April grocery budget, it was super helpful!  Here's a list of what I got thanks to very generous parents:

1 package of 2 flank steaks
1 package of 4 NY strip steaks
6 lbs of ground beef
4 lbs of bacon
1 box (152 bags) of Ziploc freezer bags
8 boxes of thin spaghetti
3 jars pasta sauce
1 package of (1040 total) napkins
1 large box of microwave popcorn (44 bags)
1 flat (35 cans) of diet Coke
1 case (24 bottles) of diet Snapple
1 large bag of confectioners sugar
1 large bag of brown sugar
1 bag of toasted coconut cookie thins
1 large bag of Ruffles
1 box (32 count) of Skinny Cow chocolates
1 bag of French green beans
1 Caesar salad kit
1 Asian salad kit
4 lbs of butter
1 box (3 pouches) of oatmeal raisin cookies
1 tub of refrigerated cookie dough
30 rolls of Charmin toilet paper
1 box (8) apple strudel
1 box (12) croissants
1 bag (16) hamburger rolls
1 (2 pack) Lucky Charms
1 (2 pack) granola
1 (2 pack) Special K cereal
1 bag (6.5 lbs) of sweet potatoes
1 canister (30 oz) honey roasted mixed nuts

Finally, this morning after Costco, Papa and I took a quick run down to the farmer's market.  We spent $34.00 on the following:

1 bottle of whole milk
1 bottle of heavy cream
1 pint of blueberry yogurt
1 pint of lemon yogurt
1 pint of roasted beet bisque
1 pint of West African peanut soup
2 bunches of ramps

Total left in the grocery budget for April is now at: $82.67.  But, after today's Costco haul, I should be able to stay under this amount easily.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday!


  1. Do your parents want another daughter? Lol

    1. I think they have their hands full between me and my new sister in law! Haha! When they told me they wanted to bring me to Costco, it was very unexpected this time! =)

  2. Do your parents want another daughter? Lol