Monday, April 18, 2016

Not My Planned Post For Today....

It's 2 am on Monday morning as I write this.
My original post was going to be about what a great week we had as a family, how Papa is in the "reference check" phase of Job #1, how relaxed/refreshed I feel, and how ready I am to get back to business now.

While all of the above things are true, there is a new situation that may end up causing my blogging to be sporadic for the next few days....

I'm up at 2 am because I had to drop Papa off at the hospital to see his mom before emergency surgery.

She was visiting my brother in law at the hospital in the middle of last week and started having extreme abdominal pain.  Luckily, a family friend was at the hospital at the time and brought her down to the emergency room.  What started as a diagnosis of diverticulitis has now morphed into her kidneys shutting down, lungs filled with fluid, and a full blown colostomy.  Papa talked to the surgeon before I drove him down to the hospital and the surgeon said she has a "better than fifty percent chance" of surviving the surgery.  I like those odds for winning the lottery but not for someone I love to continue to be here with us.

I will be heading back down to the hospital in a few (very) short hours after I get the kids ready and dropped off to school so I will be away from my computer.

Please send my second mom good thoughts and keep her in your prayers. 



  1. My thought will be wth you and your family today x x

  2. Good thoughts for your family today - nothing is as tiring as sitting and waiting at the hospital. I'm sure the guppies will be as helpful and self sufficient as they can in the next couple days.

  3. Sending thoughts and prayers!