Saturday, April 2, 2016

Playing Around with Extra Care Bucks..

I went to CVS two separate times and did three transactions to try to optimize my Extra Care Bucks.  All in all, I think I did fairly well!  =)

First Transaction
I needed to replenish some Bath & Health items and G1 wanted to grab some supplements...

2 Dove deodorants (buy 1/get one half off)
1 Aussie Moist Shampoo (large container with pump)
1 Aussie Moist conditioner (large container with pump)
1 Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray
1 bottle of Vitamin A
1 bottle of L-Lysine
1 bottle of B Complex
1bottle of Green Tea

Also, I am completely out of all my makeup - like ALL!  I don't wear makeup all that often (maybe five times or so per month) and had put it off until now.  I decided to bite the bullet and start replenishing....

1 Maybelline eyeshadow (set of four colors)
1 Maybelline foundation
1 Maybelline blush

Total Spent for this transaction: $85.83 minus $40.00 (G1's reimbursement for supplements) = 45.83!*
*I used a $4 ECB for my winter spending, a kiosk coupon of $3 off $15 or more on shampoo/styling products, and $3 off $15 or more on Maybelline cosmetics.
PLUS I got an additional $10 in ECB's!

Second Transaction
I went back to purchase a few more cosmetics for myself (with my $10 ECBS and another $5 ECB I forgot at home for my first transaction.)    I bought:

1 light brown eyeliner
1 large pallete of light colored eyeshadows
1 black mascara

Total Spent for this transaction: $13.05* (after the $15 worth of ECBs)
*I received another $5 ECBs for buying these makeup products

Third Transaction
1 CVS brand hair gel (smallish tube)
1 Elf brand makeup brush
1 double pack of Coppertone sunscreen (Completely out and we are very fair skinned here!)

Total Spent for this transaction:  $14.00 (after $5 ECB)

I know this probably seems like quite a bit of money out of pocket still.  However, I was virtually starting from scratch with the makeup again.  Only spending $36.52 on all those things makes me pretty happy. I was careful and only bought what I used/needed.  If I hadn't, I could have been triple this amount - easy peasy!

And, since I bought Bath/Hair supplies, I need to count that towards my overall grocery expenditures...

Total Spent on Bath/Body:  $39.96
Total left for April Groceries:  $312.63

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