Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Writing this post has me a bit anxious, but, I gotta ask the questions....

  It's about freebies, actually...

And, I am having a LOT of trouble finding a way to word this without sounding like a completely entitled brat, so try to bear with me here....

First off, I love my best friend (aka the Freebie Fairy) to death!  She is like my sister, truly.  But, unlike a blood sister, I can't have the conversation that I need to with her regarding her, ummm, generosity?

She has given me some absolutely amazing stuff...no denying it!  Just this past week she gave me a brand new pair of nice winter boots that are now in storage for next year.  And I haven't forgotten the:
Coach purse
1/2 dozen plus warm throw blankets
1/2 dozen plus pairs of slippers
 Many other nice and useful things she has passed on to us!  Of course I am more the grateful!

However, lately I feel like I am just a dumping ground for the things she doesn't want to throw out. 

Here is a list of the things I have gotten in the past two weeks that prove my point....
Opened jar of salsa with less than 1/3 left
Approximately 1/2 cup of almond flour
Literally the bottom of a chip bag with nothing but broken pieces/crumbs left
Peanut butter with less than 2 tablespoons left in it
Wilted partially slimy basil
The scrapings of another Nutella jar
An IPhone speaker without the needed wires to use*
An IPhone charger without the needed plug to recharge it*
* I asked about missing wires/plugs very nonchalantly and was told she didn't have/lost them

I say "thank you" and I have been trying to laugh it off...


It's still getting to me...

Like does she think we are that destitute?   Wait, okay that's not fair I know.


Maybe I am just acting too proud?

Here's the thing though...

We have given to food banks very often when Papa was working.  And I have always taught the Guppies to give stuff that you would want to eat and most definitely unopened/non expired food.

I know she isn't trying to make us feel badly. She's not that kind of person!


I also don't want to have to keep disposing of things that don't have any true usefulness...like IPhone items since consignment won't accept that sort of thing without all the needed plugs/wires.


Call me a princess but...

Eating something someone else already opened (and used most of) skeeves me out.

My hope is that once Papa is working again (fingers and toes crossed this will be soon!) these odd donations will stop.  And, to be honest, I wouldn't mind if all freebies stopped because I am beginning to feel uncomfortable now with all that she has passed on!  She's a shopper and, as I have already mentioned, gifted us with a lot of nice things too!

So, questions...

Would you eat opened food from someone that you knew?

Am I just being too damn proud or picky?


My biggest question...

Do I find a way to tell her that we are okay and she could/should pass ALL her freebies on to someone else?  (That's the nicest way I could think of to word that.  I'm sure many of you would have more tact than me, so if you have anything better, please let me know!!!)


Do I go ahead and thicken my skin, laugh it off, and dispose of the stuff myself?

(After re-reading this I am starting to wonder if I am making a bigger deal of this than it is...)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. My advice...say nothing. Just keep tossing the the things you don't want. She's given you items that you and your girls have liked, plus the consignment items equal cash in your pocket. You know her motives are good and pure. That's all that matters.

    1. Stephanie,
      VERY true about giving us some things we do like and the stuff that is consignable. I'm writing up a follow up post to this one right now...

  2. I would agree say nothing however she is giving you random food. I can't imagine giving someone half way gone food unless it was individually packaged or really expensive and don't want to throw out. That is just so weird. Do you guys have iPhones? If so I could see the extra pieces coming in handy. The piece that you plug into the wall can be bought separately and is more expensive than just the USB cord that plugs into it.
    Personally I would say something to her. If she is a good friend she will understand and not get mad/upset especially if you broach it as you appreciate the help but feel weird accepting half opened food.

    Whenever I gave away stuff I would always just say "oh look through this stuff, take what you want and I will get rid of the rest" I don't understand why she just gives you everything and then makes you deal with what you don't want.

    1. Kay,
      I agree about the IPhone things as we all have Iphones here. But, these are extras like she went out and bought a little round IPhone compatible speaker BUT lost the parts for the speaker specifically (if that makes more sense). Same goes for the IPhone compatible charger.
      Anyway, I am writing a follow up post to this one now....LOL

  3. I am sure that you are just more sensitive to it because of the job loss but it does seem a little weird list of things. Hope that this stop but I guess you get the good with the bad or have a conversation that you don't want anymore. I did read the other post too!! Hope you are happier now :)