Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quick Update on My MIL

First off....

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers

My MIL made it through the first surgery early yesterday morning (around 1 am).  There were some complications however - the perforation was even worse than originally thought which caused her to become septic and the surgeon was unable to finish the surgery because everything was so inflamed.  However, she made it through!   And she appears to be hitting the milestones they wanted (being able to follow simple directions - squeeze my hand, wiggle your toes, etc) earlier than anticipated!

She is scheduled for a second surgery today to go back in and do some more "cleaning out" and also give her a colostomy bag.  If all goes well, she will need this for about six months and then go back for the final surgery to, for lack of a better way to put it, sew her intestines back together.

While nowhere near out of the woods yet, she is doing remarkably well so far!

Since she is heavily sedated, intubated, and hooked up to a zillion monitors, we decided that, unless absolutely necessary, the Guppies won't be visiting her at the moment.  It was hard for me to see her like that and I am 100 percent positive that G2 couldn't handle it either.

After dropping the Guppies off to school today, we will take care of the dog and get over to the hospital to see my MIL before today's surgery.  I'll be staying as long as possible but will need to leave to pick up G1 from school and bring her back and forth to work.  Truthfully, this works out better anyway because Papa hasn't been sleeping much at all and I would rather he not be driving the car a lot.

I do have one piece of good news to share...

Nope it isn't about Papa's job situation yet.


After a month plus stay, my brother in law was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  The TIPS procedure they did about two weeks ago is working which is taking pressure of the kidneys and liver for now.  This means he bought himself some extra time while waiting for a new liver and having to "go get drained" less - his stomach fills with fluid due to his liver failure and the fluids need to be removed at regular intervals.

Okay, I'm off.  Hopefully this post makes some sense - I'm pretty tired too and don't have the patience to re-read what I wrote.  LOL

Thanks for sticking around.  I promise it will be back to more regular blog posts once all is well health wise again.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Glad to see things went as well as they did yesterday. Make sure you rest too!

    1. Believe me I am trying to sneak some rest in! =)