Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rainy Trip Out & About Today....(And some new April grocery totals)

Woke up to the pitter patter of rain and wanted to just roll over and sleep in...But, it was the first weekend of the market going back outdoors and we desperately needed milk, yogurt, and heavy cream.  Oh, and part of the motivation to trudge out into the rain may have been warm apple cider donuts from Sweet Madeline's since they only operate at the outdoor market.  Haha!

We got down to the market and it was a virtual ghost town - both vendor and patron wise! And, sadly Sweet Madeline's was NOT there! (Probably due to the rain)  Needless to say it was a very quick trip!

Here's what we got/spent:

Milk Lady:  $12.00
1 bottle of whole milk
1 pint of cherry yogurt
1 bottle of heavy cream

And that's all we purchased this weekend from the market!

On the way home, we stopped at The Soup Girl's shop since I didn't like any of their choices at the farmer's market and really was craving soup today:

The Soup Girl:  $26.00
1 pint of vegetarian bean/pepper/sundried tomato soup (for me)
1 pint of New England seafood chowder (for Papa)
4 gourmet cupcakes (a treat for G1 since G2 is at the mall shopping/having lunch with her boyfriend and his family)

I decided to add The Soup Girl into our grocery expenditures rather than the eating out category this time around.

Total Spent Today:  $38.00
Total Spent So Far on April Groceries:  $47.41
Total Left for April Groceries:  $352.59

Also on the docket today is a trip to the mall closest to us for at least Papa & me (possibly G1 too if she gets ready in time).  Papa has two second round interviews next week and would like a different colored shirt to wear with his interview suit.  I had great luck at the mall TJ Maxx when I bought his white shirt so we will probably head there.  He is hoping to find a light blue shirt that will coordinate with the gray of his suit and his wide range of available ties.

G1 has been wanting to get to Sephora to use some of her $250 Christmas gift card from my parents.  Since she also needs sneakers (still!!!), we may head out to a different mall that has a Sephora store and some shoe options too!

Hoping it won't be too spendy a day since we only have to cover the sneakers and Papa's shirt!

Have a nice Saturday!

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