Friday, April 22, 2016

Spending Another Day at the Hospital....

The frustration for my mother in law is now at epic levels...

Today she goes into her FOURTH surgery...


Yesterday's surgery turned into an emergency situation because she began to bleed when they were "in there" "moving around organs".  From what we can gather, the surgeon either nicked something or otherwise somehow caused the veins into her intestines to bleed.


Before they realized that this was where the bleeding was indeed coming from...

They opted to remove her spleen - thinking that this was the issue.

I am trying very hard to stay logical.  I know that the surgeons are doing the best they can.  I know that they are dealing with a 73 year old body.

But, it doesn't stop me from being angry and frustrated.

Late last night, Papa got a phone call that her levels have gotten all wonky again. 

She was scheduled this morning to have her fourth surgery to finally put in the colostomy bag.  Right now, I am not sure that is even part of the surgical plan for this morning anymore.

There isn't a single person in the world who has met my mother in law who hasn't liked her.  She's "that" person, you know?

I hate that she is going through this more than anything....


  1. TrayceeBee, this must be so difficult for all of you. Please know that you, your husband, your children and especially your mother-in-law are all in my prayers. ((Hugs))

  2. I got your text yesterday. I hope you saw my AMEN.

  3. I got your text yesterday. I hope you saw my AMEN.

    1. I did see it - Thanks! Didn't reply because I knew you were busy at the time. Test me when you have a chance so we can make plans! =)