Thursday, April 21, 2016

Updated April Grocery Totals

Last night I had about an hour all to myself while Papa & G1 were out at vocal lessons and G2 was walking around town with friends.  I could have used the time to sleep (and probably should have!) but instead decided to input/update grocery totals for the month.  I really don't want a repeat of March after all!

Since I have quite a few receipts, here's a total of what I spent and what it got me!

Total Spent:  $195.96
Total Left in April Grocery Budget of $400:  $116.67


2 packages (3 count) Apple Strudel
1 bag of popcorn kernels
1 box Cap N Crunch cereal
2 (12 pack) Diet Snapple
6 (6 packs) Coke products
1 16 oz bottle salad dressing
2 organic trail mix granola bars
1.32 lbs of red onions
.66 lbs of broccoli
6 (2 ltr) bottles of Coke
1 can of spray starch
1 bag of popcorn chicken
1 tray of vegetable dumplings
1 (48 oz) bag of peanuts
1 loaf of French bread
2(6 count) of croissants
2 (4 count) packages of fruit turnovers
1 loaf bread
.24 lbs of olives
1 (64 oz) bottle of milk
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese
18 large eggs
1 lb of American deli cheese
.5 lb of Boars Head deli turkey
2 boxes of Uncrustables (I know I know but this is all G2 will now eat for lunch! And I can't be the one to cut off the crusts of regular homemade sandwiches!  LOL)
2 packages of Udon noodles
1 bag of Jasmine rice
1 bag of egg noodles
2 (4 pack) of toilet paper
1 (128 oz) bottle of laundry detergent
1 (6 pack) flavored water
1 (8 pack) juice boxes
1 half gallon ice cream
1 jar of hot fudge topping
1 box of frosted shredded wheat cereal
1 bottle maple syrup

Admittedly, way too many small trips have been made lately and way too many convenience foods over the past two weeks.  I need to get back into the habit of planning out/executing one long shopping trip per week and finding time to make things from scratch again as much as possible.   I have to find a better way to plan and not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  And, obviously this week has been more difficult than most with a good 75 percent of my time driving to/from or being at the hospital to visit my mother in law and help out Papa's family.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and please think positive thoughts as my MIL heads into surgery for the last time hopefully for a while!

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  1. I think you're doing great. My totals are almost $250 already!