Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Creating My Mini Office

I have a bit of a confession...

My dining room table hasn't been completely usable since Christmas!

Sure, when we decide to sit down at the table to eat dinner, I can clean it off....by putting stuff on the floor! LOL

Clearly this isn't (and CAN'T) be a long term solution for us anymore.

Many months ago my BFF gave me her old laptop briefcase since she preferred the rolling kind.  And, a few years ago my mother's good friend passed on a Longaberger covered basket she no longer wanted to me.  Both have sat in my closet, unused, until now.

Today's project is to create a mini mobile office - one that I can unpack in the morning onto the dining room table and then easily pack back up in the afternoon.  I need to weed through all the crap important papers I have scattered everywhere and develop a filing system for the things I need - this will all go into the covered rectangular shaped basket.  My planner, laptop, and files/magazines/mail that are time sensitive or I will use more often will go into the briefcase.

Sounds easy peasy right?

Yeah, once I get through the clutter of papers surrounding me!  =)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

P.S.  I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that Papa is loving the new job!  He feels so excited to be working there and, most importantly, wanted!  He said there are signs all over the area where his little office is welcoming him to the department!  How nice is that?  Especially after the last three years he spent at the old job.

Today's project is creating a mini mobile office for myself

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