Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Every Girl Is Crazy About....

.....a sharp dressed man!  I think that's how the song goes....or at least something like that!  Anyway, if you are close to my age, you will get the song reference and can now join me in singing it all day long!  LOL

As I mentioned previously, Papa's clothes need quite a bit of an update.  This position is interesting in that the level of business clothing is upped yet he will also be wearing scrubs when in the surgical area.  As of right now we don't know how much time he will be spending in either section so it makes things a bit more challenging.

After his "health exam" this morning (really a "pee in a cup" drug test for the job), we will drive over to check out the outlets.  We figure he could really use two more "casual business" suits - if that makes sense -, another pair of dress shoes, maybe an additional three to four dress shirts, and a few ties that don't look they are from the year 1995!  I'm not sure how much we will be able to cross off this list because we also have time constraints since G1 has to be picked up from school and brought over to work.  But we are going to start the clothing search, at the very least.

Papa would really love a new Brooks Brother's navy blazer as well.  Now, if you know anything about Brooks, they are great quality but extremely expensive!  Papa discovered that they have a once a year sale in June so that's almost perfect timing!  He said he can definitely wait until then to check them out!

So while the initial outlay may be a bit expensive, we are looking at it as an investment in the future.  As I have stated before, this job has extreme room for growth - both positional and monetarily - so it's worth making him look and feel sharp!  =)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lol. Now I'm going to gave that song in my head all day! :)

    Have fun shopping for Papa! Just a thought: you may want to (when you have more time) check out Goodwill if you have one near you. Every Goodwill I have ever been in has had a lot of suits and dress clothes for men- most are new looking and stylish. You never know what you may find. :)

    1. If it were me, I may entertain the idea of looking for a dress at Goodwill. It's not really Papa's thing and I'm not going to push it since we literally NEVER buy him work clothes and he takes such good care of what he has. (Read: He's not the slob who spill everything all over himself like his wife does! LOL) A few classic higher quality pieces are more likely to be the way to go with him. Plus, he's short (5'6") so pants are always an issue. And, he's got a wide shoulder span but then his body tapers inwards so again, harder to fit.
      However, definitely a good point but more for my clothing! =)

  2. If you're talking about the Clinton outlets, JosABank is going out of business. We were able to buy my son a wool winter dress coat for $40!

    1. I was talking about Clinton! And wow! That coat was definitely a steal! =)