Thursday, May 26, 2016

Found Money Challenge Totals for May

Bottles: $15

Papa and I went to the grocery store this past weekend to redeem the dreaded mother load of bottles that had accumulated in our garage!  We got through most of them, however, three of the machines were out of order and/or acting wonky so after $15, we gave up and brought about 1/2 bag back home.

Consignment: $0

I just dropped a bunch of stuff off yesterday.  Hopefully the accept most of it and it sells!  (I always have them donate anything they don't want to resell.)

Game XChange:  $7 credit

Little bummed that I had to get a "store credit" for the DVD's  I brought in however, they were only going to offer me $3.50 cash and wouldn't write a check for under $5...and don't give out actually cash for trade ins either!  But, I'm looking at the bright side and will remember I have this credit come Fathers Day...Papa would appreciate a new game or two.

Coinstar:  $20.72 Amazon gift card

I really have been loving how this whole gift card thing has been working out!  I don't think I would continue to do it if Coinstar didn't offer Amazon gc's but I'll keep doing this as long as they are available!

Misc:  $5

I found $1 cleaning G2's room...I already warned them IF I ever had to clean up their rooms and found any change/bills, I would keep them!  LOL  And the other $4 was in the wash!
Both this $5 and the $15 bottle money went into the bank!  =)

So, that's where our found money for May has been! I know I am closing this out a few days early but I don't forsee "finding" any more cash AND I wouldn't be redeeming it before the end of June anyway!

How has your "found" money been going this month?

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