Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gas & Garbage

Oscar has been missing from my posts for far too long! 

I have decided to reimplement my Wednesday G&G posts...mostly because I need the accountability again!

I have NOT been paying attention to either of these areas much at all and this has to!


Even though I no longer really have a car - and it kills me that it's sitting in the driveway with about 3/4 of a tank of gas!, we do need to start monitoring our gas consumption with Papa's car.  Our new budget is still not completely known since we are awaiting his first paychecks with all the deductibles taken out but, I do know I am going to need to keep this budget line as low as possible!

Here's what we spent this month (since Papa started the new job):
5/19:  $30.15
5/24:  $28.40

Total Spent for May;  $58.55

In theory, I would need about $125 each month to cover gas...that is IF things stayed this way.  There have also been "extra" trips to the hospital on the weekends to visit my MIL too so this isn't just work and errand transportation usage.
 I also have to factor in that I will be probably needing to drive Papa to work more often during the summer to keep the car available for errands and the Guppies' plans.
This is obviously going to be a LOT of trial and error but I am going to put our gas budget for June at $150.  I am going to do my best to keep it under this amount....Hopefully the Guppies being in school until June 10th will help a little with that too!


Even though we missed garbage night last week, it still is absolutely no excuse for the amount that is going out tonight....SEVEN BAGS!!!
I am really disgusted by the amount of things being thrown out/spoiling/etc.  It's completely wasteful and, quite honestly, inexcusable.
So, back on track here I come!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!  I, for one, am exhausted from getting up so early to get Guppy 2 on the bus for DC so it will be an early night for me!

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