Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Go Take A Hike!

Papa and I have been doing really well with our To Do list for this week!

So far, we have accomplished:

Getting two new tires for the car
Oil change for the car
Bought fertilizer (Papa still needs to spread it though)
Researched a new shower enclosure
Cleaned out the garden area to plant veggie garden
Brought his pants to be hemmed
I caught up with laundry
Papa cleared the fallen sticks from the yard
Papa mowed the lawn
A very thorough scrub down of the rabbit cage

I think we are doing pretty well with our list...Especially when you add in daily trips to visit MIL in the hospital AND Guppy 1 being home sick with the stomach bug yesterday and today.


This morning we are going to take the dog and go for a hike at Sleeping Giant. 

But first one quick errand....

Yesterday I cleaned out my planner and little computer bag and found a card that our emissions testing is due by May 16th!  Whoops!  Glad I found it yesterday because I definitely don't want to pay the additional $20 in late fees!

Thankfully there is a garage that does emissions testing right around the corner from our house so it's not too terribly inconvenient.

And, I'm off!

Have a great Hump Day everyone!

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