Sunday, May 22, 2016

Guppy 2's DC Trip

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, G2 and her 8th grade class are off to Washington DC until late Friday night.

Today I started packing for her and it has been a....very strange experience.  (FYI:  Guppy 1 didn't get to attend this trip back when she was in 8th grade due to her anorexia so I'm a "newbie' mom to this field trip.)

Why strange you may wonder?

Did anyone else have an 8th grade trip to DC back in the day?  I remember going....and needing a LOT of stuff - including a "dress up outfit" for our 8th grade picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Nowadays, I guess that is completely different since G2 barely needs anything packed at all!

She came home Friday with three T-shirts (all the same logo but different colors) and told me that these were the shirts they all had to wear during the trip....which actually makes sense because it will be easier for all the teachers/chaperones to keep track of them!

So, all I have to pack otherwise is...

two to three pairs of shorts
a pair of jeans
a zip up sweatshirt
undies and socks
a lightweight rain jacket
an extra pair of sneakers
(and she will of course pack up her makeup essentials....LOL)

And that is it! 

I am LOVING how easy this is and how CHEAP!  No need to buy anything new, except G2 had requested some new "teen style" undies....You mean the Justice ones with the bears and monkeys don't cut it anymore?  Haha!  And, I grabbed a small cheap black purse so she had a place to carry her phone and spending money.

I was worried that it would be at least $100 to get what she needed for the trip.  My out of pocket ended up being right under $30! 

Love it!


  1. Our 8th grader went To lake Compounce - pretty cheap. Only cost me $65. (45 for the trip and $20 spending $$).

    1. G2 has a Compounce class trip planned as well...The cost for us was $24!
      However, I am clearly not ahead since the cost of the DC trip was close to $600!