Monday, May 9, 2016

Last "Free" Week!

Notice how the word free was in quotes?  Yeah, this week is definitely NOT free - time or money wise!


It IS the last full week Papa has off before starting his new job next Monday!  He is SO HAPPY and EXCITED about starting this new position (which of course makes me the same)!  And, I am so grateful that this opportunity has come for him and our family!

There are some things on the docket this week that we haven't had time to do yet.  So, it's crunch time around here!  Thankfully we have a couple of "fun" things on this list too!

Here's what we need and hope to accomplish this week:

Oil change for the car
New back tires for the car (still need to take care of this as they are almost down to the steel and not safe for Papa to keep driving!)
Guppy 1's learners permit test on Friday
Papa's new work pants to tailor to be hemmed
Hike at local park with puppy
Trampoline back together and outside
Lunch out with Papa
Home Depot run to research new tub enclosure options (one we have is leaking again) and new cushions for outdoor patio set
Clean out garden area so we can finally figure out our garden plans
Haircut and color for me (it's been almost nine months since my last one!)

Added to that is the usual household stuff like laundry, cooking, cleaning, shuttling the guppies to and from work/activities, etc...

Visiting Papa's mom in the hospital daily....


Guppy 2 is going on a class trip to DC in a few weeks and needs a few items before then as well. 

The more I can get done this week the better since we still need to figure out the car situation.  We have decided mine is completely toast so we are a one car family for the moment.

Anyway, I am sure I am missing stuff on the above list but, as you can see, it's going to be BUSY!

Have a great Monday!  And here's to a productive week!

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  1. Wow, I'm exhausted reading your to do list. lol. But I can feel the excitement of a new job and new adventures to come! Have an awesome week and take care.