Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3rd...A Perfect Day to Order....

Heating Oil?!?!?

Crazy right?

It has been so raw and rainy here in Connecticut!  And even though there is hope on the horizon - I'm hearing 70's this weekend, we had less than 1/4 of a tank of oil left.  

We have had the heat off and were using the family room fireplace to help chase the chill but, all of our stored wood from the garage is now gone and we are left with the wet mess outside.


Because I get nervous when the tank gets low (I don't want any sludge clogging up the furnace!), I caved and bought 175 gallons @ $1.71/gallon!  OUCH!  It was the highest price I paid this entire heating season (October until now)!

But, it's done and everyone is more comfortable with the heat now set at a toasty 64 degrees!

Plus, we (hopefully) will not have to deal with buying more until the end of 2016 since the tank gauge is at a healthy 3/4 full.

Anyone else in the Northeast in the same boat?

Have you caved and needed to fill your tank this far into Spring?

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