Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Grocery Budget, Farmer's Market Finds, & A HUGE Frugal Fail....

May Grocery Budget:  $580.00

As you can see, I plumped up the grocery budget back to $580 this month.  I did this because I have some restocking of things to do before summer is upon us.  Plus I want to find places to stash it away from hungry eyes before school is out!   Haha!

Saturday was a gorgeous day to visit the Farmer's Market! On top of it being beautiful out, the spring growing season is in full force with the early salad greens, ramps, spring onions, asparagus, and the like.

Here's what we ended up getting:

Total Spent:  $37.00 (includes bottle deposit fees)

1 bottle of milk
1 bottle of heavy cream
1 blueberry yogurt
1 peach yogurt
2 stalks of spring garlic
1 bag of baby kale
1 bunch asparagus
1 bunch ramps

Then, I ran over to Big Y because I was driving by and knew I needed a few things for the menu tomorrow.  So...I guess I can count that as Frugal Fail #1:  Running into a store without a list and not looking at the flyer!

Here's what I bought (the fail follows this):

2 lbs of onions
1 jar pickled ginger
1 bottle of soy sauce
3 bottles of Dynamo laundry detergent Buy 1/Get 2 Free
1 bottle of diet Pepsi

Total Spent:  21.54

Doesn't sound too terrible right?  Well, the laundry detergent (which YES I did need) wasn't on this trip's original radar.  But, they got me as I walked by the end cap and saw it!  I didn't pay attention to the price (FAIL) which was $6.99 for one!  I didn't catch this until I had already bought it (DOH!) but figured okay that works out to 2.30 (ish) a bottle so not too awful I guess.

I put the detergent downstairs on the dryer and went about my business....Yeah, you know where this is going, don't you?

Later on I went to check the clothes in the dryer and noticed that the dryer seemed to be leaking water (?) all over the floor....except it wasn't water!  Somehow the jarring of the dryer knocked all THREE bottles off the top and two of them smashed almost ALL their contents onto our basement floor! (Thankfully it's concrete!) 

Yup....that really happened.

I ended up salvaging the one full bottle and 1/4 of a second bottle.  The last bottle I completely lost.  To attempt to salvage more, I ran upstairs and grabbed dirty towels to sop up the mess and tossed them in the washer - does that count as using some of the detergent?  LOL

This has NEVER happened to me before but now I know better and will find a more suitable place for the extra laundry detergent!

Total Spent on May Groceries So Far:  $68.55
Left in May Budget:  $511.46

Let's hope I get my act together for the rest of the month with no more MISHAPS!!!  Haha!

Have a great Sunday!

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