Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mission (Mostly) Accomplished amd MIL Update

...At least for now, that is!

We were very successful during this morning's clothes shopping!  We still need to look for another pair of shoes for Papa and a few more shirts but I don't feel quite as much pressure now that the "big" stuff is done.  And, we came in $300 LESS than what I thought we would spend at the bare minimum!!  And, Papa ended up with classic quality clothing which should get him through quite a long time....

1 light grey suit
1 navy blue suit
2 dress shirts
2 silk ties (that could go with either suit and the clothing he already owns)
9 pairs of dress socks (80% of his had seen way better days)

We will do some real weeding through his wardrobe this weekend, but, I gave it a quick first once over.  My best guess is he had in his closet already:

1 VERY nice suit (his "interview" suit)
3 to 4 pairs of nice dress pants
4 to 5 nice dress shirts
5 ish? ties that don't scream trendy '90s/2000s  LOL

It's funny how a lot of businesses had gone away from suits to "business casual" and now seem to be leaning back towards more professional dress.  From Papa's work experiences, he says a lot of people tend to dress sloppy in the business casual dress code.  He's actually very excited to be dressing professionally for work again.

Oh, and I know that this amount of clothing may seem like overkill to some.  However, I need some "padding" in the amount of clothing in case I don't feel well and laundry gets a little backed up!  =)

Onto Mother In Law news....

I hadn't posted much about her since I told you guys she was doing well.  And she still is but has had a few more hiccups...

The current hiccup is that she isn't eating.  She feels like she is going to choke and like there is something blocking her throat.  She had been intubated for a long time due to the quick succession of surgeries and that can wreak havoc with your throat and ummmm...secretions.  Just yesterday respiratory therapy came up and suctioned her out and got out a large mucous plug - so yeah she had every reason to think something was there then!  (And sorry if TMI)  She did so well after that and even had a few spoonfuls of soup and could talk really well and easily last night.  But today she is back to feeling something is stuck there.  Last we heard the doctors were going to double check again.  I'll know later tonight since I just dropped Papa off to visit her and see what was happening.

I swear that lady can't catch a full break yet though!

Okay, off to start dinner now.....

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