Friday, May 20, 2016


  My list of things to do is a million miles long and I just can't seem to get ahead.  Everyone is gone off to school and work, the house is completely quiet and mine (well mine and the animals), and nothing should be in my way to be productive.

But, there IS something getting in the way....

And I think that something is...


I don't understand why I get so overwhelmed....

Or why I am always so unorganized....

Or why I even procrastinate.

But, that's who I am at the moment.


I'm sure you have all heard about the "15 minute" approach to things - where you set a timer to work on something for 15 minutes and that's it?  I've read about it a zillion times but never actually tried it to see if it works...

In my case it DID!

I got a LOT more done using this technique today rather than wandering from room to room wondering what to try to accomplish next!  It helped me focus completely on only the task at hand and I got started on a few things that I have been putting off because I only focused 15 minutes on them.  (Of course for a few of these things, I am going to need many more sessions! LOL)

Have I stumbled onto something to consistently use?  I'm not sure.  But, it did help me today from taking my house to looking like a crime scene to relatively tidied up!  =)

Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!


  1. 15 minutes does work. I find that when I'm hurting or unable to do more I do 5 minutes. Even that helps. Just keep alternating what you do and before you know it things get done and you'll feel like you accomplish something. I think it helps to be focused on what you are doing and most things take less time than we think like loading or unloading the dishwasher, making the bed, folding the laundry, cleaning a drawer. I struggle with procrastination too so it's good to use a timer of some sort. Take care.

    1. The timer does help! I used my phone to time everything so it kind of felt more like a "game". =) Thank you for reminding me to remember this when I'm not feeling well too...I will keep the 5 minute thing in mind. =)

  2. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in even 5 minutes even with feeling bad. My goals everyday are dishes, laundry (if needed) and a light pick up around the house in short bursts. Plus meals of course. It makes me feel like things carry on. Take care and have an awesome weekend.