Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recent Freebies

Phew!  Today has been a blur of running around since it is one of the days I drive Papa to and from work to get errands done!  Sadly, I think I need to do the same thing tomorrow because I just didn't have time to finish today!

Anyway, here are some recent freebies I have received:

1 12 pack of Diet Snapple (my mom bought with coupon)
1 6 pack of Diet Coke (again mom)
1 set of 6 floral etched wine glasses (BFF got "tired" of the pattern)
1 set of 6 plain large wine glasses (again BFF tired of them)
1 Victoria Secret bra with tags (BFF...not my size but may fit G1)
1 bag of marshmallows & full box of Rice Krispies (BFF had them to make RK treats but decided to get rid of the temptation)
1 10oz powder puff with prefilled sparkly powder (BFF)
8 various "chick flick" DVDs (BFF)
1 small porcelain monogramed tray (BFF and both my daughters share first initial but neither wanted this tray)
1 Talbot's argyle patterned sweater (BFF)

The two sets of wine glasses, the powder puff, the DVD's, the sweater, and the monogramed tray are all sitting in my ever growing consignment area!

If I take the car again tomorrow, I will be heading over to the consignment store the second they open since this pile is starting to overrun my living room!


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