Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sharped Dress Man...Part #2

Yesterday did NOT go as planned!  Remember that quick "pee in a cup" health evaluation?  Ummm....Yeah....Not as quick as expected!  We were there for almost TWO HOURS! 
At least for me.  I could have been home working on a zillion things had we known it was going to take that long!
We had to scrap the outlet mall trip since we would have had to turn around to come home right when we got there.
So, today we try again!
This will be the THIRD day in a row that we have attempted to get this shopping done!  Monday morning had to be scrapped too because Papa's mom had an embolism scare.  (It took from 9am to 5pm to find out she was actually fine with no blood clot in her leg!!)
I warned Papa we are going to get to the outlet before it even opens today!  I don't care what it takes!  LOL

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some sort of meaningful post...

Today I just want to get Papa some clothes already!

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