Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sumday Cooking....

The Use It Up Edition

This morning has been all about trying to get some cooking done...using up ingredients that were getting close to their expiration/demise.

A few weeks ago I bought 3 dozen eggs from Big Y during their Buy 1/Get 2 Free deal, thinking that it would be easy to use them all by their 5/30 USE BY date since G1 was eating a LOT of bacon & eggs.  Well, of course she lost her craving for them and I have had almost two dozen left to try to use up!  Here's what I did/am going to do with them:

I made a leek, shitake mushroom, and parmesan quiche for breakfast/lunches this week.
I "oven hard boiled" eggs (since oven was on) for Papa to snack on/make egg salad sandwiches.

Also, I had three different shaped pastas (bow ties, spirals, and smaller shells) all languishing in the cabinet...each with between 1/4 to 1/3 left in their boxes.  I decided to make pasta salad using all three shapes.  I was able to use up two half used bottles of similar salad dressings and a few fresh
veggies that were becoming not so fresh anymore.

In looking in the pantry, I saw that I had 1/2 bag of campfire sized marshmallows that were getting a little dried out.  So, I made Rice Krispies Treats and combated the potential dryness of the marshmallows by increasing the butter in the mixture a tad.  I scraped a bit out of the bowl and found they tasted perfect.

Lastly, I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - using one of the dated eggs and 1/2 bag of chocolate chips sitting in the fridge.

Everyone is happy with what I made and I'm happy to have saved food from being wasted!

Now...I have to figure out what we are eating for dinner tonight since we don't have any Memorial Day cookout plans!

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Aren't you eating krispie treats and quiche :) Sounds like a super productive day. The eggs can be used way after the date on them because I am pretty sure that is the sell by date and nothing else. Good luck using them all up. It seems that you are well on your way!!!

    1. I thought eggs were good past their date as well but I usually see a "sell by" not "use by" date on them so I got nervous this time around. I was able to use them all though so it doesn't matter. lol