Friday, May 27, 2016

This Week's Frugal Fails....

It's been a horrible few days with the frugal fails in this house!  And I'm hoping this is NOT a trend and this kind of post won't become a regular one!

Ready for the list?

1.  Broke two wineglasses (large ones that I decided to keep from the BFF free to me ones) while attempting to put them away in the cabinet

2.  Forgot to put away G1's leftover Chinese takeout in the fridge.

3.  Forgot to do an errand in a town I had already visited this week so I had to drive back there again.

4.  Forgot about leftovers in the stove TWICE!

5.  Forgot about clothes in the washer for two days and had to rewash them (funky smell)

6.  Didn't pull extra cash out while using my debit card at the grocery store so I had to pay the ATM $3.50 withdrawl fee  (my bank doesn't have branches close to my home)

7.  Leftovers from the dinner last weekend with my BFF ended up in the back of the fridge, forgotten about and spoiled.

8.  G2 lost a library book...She can't find it at school OR here at home. I have looked as well.  So, now I have to pay a lost book fine!  Grrrrr!

I'm off to do more errands today:

meet an old friend I reconnected with on Facebook for coffee, run to the grocery store for the few things I forgot for G1's dinner menu, pick up some DVD's at the library and pay lost book fine, visit my mother in law in the hospital,  pick Papa up from work this afternoon, supervise G1's attempt at cooking dinner (I'll be hanging around in the next room if she has any questions!), and pick up G2 from school at 10pm tonight when she returns home from DC!

Have a great Friday!  And here's to having a better week next week!  =)

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