Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today is Brought to You by the Letter...

Why the letter "F" you ask?  And, no I am not referring to THAT word!  LOL

Here's what I am talking about....

Sorry the picture quality is a bit fuzzy

The above cute little critter is Guppy 1's new Ferret, Rum. 

She wanted another animal since her beloved hamster, Rebel, died a few months ago.  And, she bought Rum (and his expensive crate) with her own money.  She didn't  necessarily even want a ferret when we walked into the pet store.  But, when she walked by his enclosed area, well, they noticed each other and that was the end.

He's almost perfect...He loves G1 and is very interactive, curious, and friendly.  He is what G1 called "a baby and a kitten" rolled into one.  So what's the problem?

Ferrets are a tad smelly.  And kits (baby ferrets which Rum still is considered) have a more offensive odor.  I warned G1 of this but I guess she wasn't prepared.

I had a ferret back in the early '90s.  In fact Papa is the one who bought him for me for Christmas!  So I knew what we were getting into when we purchased Rum - which is good because we all know Mom will be helping take care of him when G1 is out on adventures this summer.  Haha

I think Rum's a bit extra smelly also because we have to keep the door to G1's room shut because our 84 lb puppy is very curious....and can't be trusted!

Today's project is now all about Frugal Fresheners!  Here's what we have decided upon so far...

G1 used the rest of her Amazon gift cards to buy a Pet Air Purifier that had almost 500 reviews and received a running 4 out of 5 stars.  It arrives here on Friday.

Changing out ferret bedding often is key so I found an old black fleece blanket which, after cutting to size, will turn into four mini cage blankets for Rum.

Underneath the cage is shelving...I plan on tucking some Bounce sheets in there.  (Aerosol deodorizing sprays are a "no-no" around ferrets)

G1's windows will be cracked as often as  possible.

Not as frugal....

I will be walking over to the very knowledgeable local feed store around the corner once they open this morning.  I am hoping to gather some more wisdom/advice from them but also have to buy (using G1's bank card) an extra sleeping hammock so Rum has an alternate while one is being washed.  Also, G1 wants me to ask about a water additive she read about that can help with the smell.

Anyone out there have any other suggestions to combat the stink?  =)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Yes they are a bit smelly. We had Randall my son's ferret for many years. Weekly baths helped but that was a 2 person job. He gave us endless entertainment watching him be such a goof and he was lovey with me and gentle and rough and tumble with my 12 year old son. Clip the nails often to avoid scratches - again a two person job. They do get better as they age but keeping the bedding and cage clean is key too. Remember they can flatten out and squeeze into places you never thought they could get into. Randall learned how to open his cage and we nearly had heart failure looking for him several times. Take care.

    1. Wow! He learned to open his cage?!? That would definitely give me a heart attack! Especially with my big dog in the house too! I spent a ton of time this morning trying to deodorize his crate. I bought some sort of cleaner made for cat/dog crates that is supposed to be a deterrent to going to the bathroom where they shouldn' you know I sprayed that stuff all over the corners of the crate besides the litter box itself. Haha! I think the smell is vastly better today but I guess G1 will be the final judge when she gets home from school. =)

  2. We are a Guinea pig family. When they had smaller single cages I found that siping the cage floor with 50/50 vinegar & water helped with the pee smell. Also we line their cage with fleece and puppy pads underneath. Also check the vet, maybe there is something you can feed him to get rid of the smelliness

    1. Thanks for the advice! We are bringing him to the vet Tuesday so I'm going to ask about the water additive then. Plus, the air purifier came in yesterday and it is working wonders so far!