Sunday, May 15, 2016

Welcome to Mama's Used Parts Business!

No! I haven't lost my mind..YET!  Reread the title with a major hint of sarcasm and continue reading this post! 

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wasn't planning on posting anything until tomorrow but a phone call last night got me to thinking....

First, I was in a very strange mood yesterday....not bad or anything but EXTREMELY blunt maybe?  You guys have to know that before I continue...


I got a phone call in the early evening from our VERY pregnant 22 year old niece.  Apparently, she and her fiancé decided to buy a car from a private owner.  It's two years older than MY car - you know, the one that we are using as an emergency vehicle only? The one that we have decided is such a deathtrap that we are finding solutions other that driving it?

Well, I guess she and the fiancé figured good ol' Auntie and Uncle would let them strip parts off our car for theirs.  BUT we aren't talking about a hose here or a pump there...We are talking ENTIRE DOORS!  She wants to strip my car and leave it in MY driveway as parts for the taking!

I (in my very blunt state of mind) first asked her why she bought the car when you need to use wire to keep the doors closed?!!  And then told her that I wasn't going to let her take any parts from my car. (I tried to get that out as nicely as possible)

We are heading over to her baby shower later this afternoon and I got to thinking....

Am I in the wrong for saying no?  It's not like she has anywhere to put my car where she lives so it would have to stay here in MY driveway (and also in my name).  And she certainly didn't offer to buy the car off us either.

Yes, Papa and I are planning on getting rid of the car very soon.  But, we were going to attempt to find an organization and donate it (any tax write offs we can get this year will help us).  Since we aren't going to use it anymore, I want the car off my property and I would like to keep it in one piece.  At least right now it is just a normal "parked" car in the driveway, you know?

I am offering the floor up to you guys...What do you think about her question?  And, more importantly, what do you think of my answer?  Was I wrong to say no way?


  1. Donate and get tax right off. I would say more to you in person.

  2. It's your with it as you please! We just donated my old minivan....we need all the write offs we fan get at tax time.

  3. Thank you guys. I just reread my post and realize that I have been in QUITE the mood lately! Haha! Seriously though, we are going to just take the tax write off because we are going to need it this coming year - badly! I love our niece but someone in her family (two of which know a LOT about cars) should have advised her before she bought this car. I'm on overload and not willing to pick up the pieces for everyone anymore.

  4. Donate. (my 2 cents) Every time you would see the stripped car in the driveway you would feel frustrated and possibly take advantage of or "held hostage" to someone elses grand plans. At that age kids today think of themselves first. I had 2 children by that age and would never have asked anyone to do that for me. Maybe if she would of checked with you guys first she might have decided the other car wasn't such a deal. Don't feel like a bad guy for saying no. This is how the young learn how life works. :)

    1. Crystal...very wise words indeed! =)