Saturday, June 4, 2016

Farmer's Market Finds & Saturday Plans

Another gorgeous Saturday for the farmer's market this morning!

Here's what we got this week:

Dairy:  $9
1 bottle whole milk
1 pint lemon yogurt
1 pint blueberry yogurt

Veggies: $19
Mushrooms - $8
Sugar Snap Peas - $5
1 bunch Kale - $3
1 bunch Nettles - $3

Baked Goods: $12
1/2 dozen donuts
2 large Monkey Bread muffins

Plants: $15
1 large container of  potted herbs - thyme, sage, and basil

Total Spent: $55*
* Only $40 is being deducted from June's grocery budget since I am counting the herbs as part of our garden supplies for the year.

Today is supposed to be the only nice day this weekend so we are going to try our best to get a lot done!  Papa is going to mow the lawn and finish turning over the soil in the garden area so we can (finally) get planting!  Also on the agenda is to (hopefully) plant the raspberry bushes we purchased last weekend at the market.

Besides that is more of the usual kind of stuff...

The fridge needs to be desperately cleaned out before I do our first "big" grocery trip of the month.
Our ever expanding mountain of laundry needs to be scaled.
And, of course, the usual chauffeuring around of Guppy 2....She had her 8th grade class night last night and slept over her BFF's house with a gaggle of other girls.  But, I already heard from her today that she potentially needs a ride to the local swim/tennis club (another friend's family has a membership, definitely not us!) and then a ride to the movies and dinner so her and another friend can go on a "double date" with their boyfriends.  And, then a ride tomorrow to spend the day at her boyfriend's house as well.
Thankfully, Guppy 1 is "chilling" more at home this weekend.  Unlike G2, G1 has to study for her upcoming finals next week....G2 better enjoy this last year like this because next year she will be studying for finals too!  LOL

Tomorrow I will post more about the June grocery budget - and will probably have the totals from the first grocery trip of the month too.

Hope you all have a nice Saturday!

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