Friday, June 10, 2016

Fines, Fines, & More Fines....Plus My "Baby's" Graduation

It's so hard to believe that our youngest graduates from 8th grade today!  Next year, I will have two high schoolers!  I haven't decided if this will be easier or not since we only have one full bathroom upstairs and one half bath downstairs.  Anyone with two teenage girls will understand my dilemma here!  LOL  I guess I'll find out at the end of August when school starts up again.  =)

Anyway, the middle school decided that there wasn't enough room to hold graduation ceremonies anymore so now the 8th graders graduate on the high school football field - which is great for me since the high school is only a few short blocks away.  But, it kind of irks me because we have to get off the field immediately after the ceremony because the high school seniors need to practice for their graduation that night.  So no chatting or taking pictures is really allowed afterwards.  When Guppy1 graduated 8th grade the ceremony was still at the middle school and I remember it being very leisurely with the school having refreshments and pizza for the graduates.  I guess time really has changed!

Very expensive last week of school here!  And, too much "stupid tax" as Dave Ramsey would put it!

Let's break it down....

Guppy 1 lost two books from school to the tune of $23.00.  She doesn't use her locker (long story) and we tore the house up looking for them.  They are nowhere to be found.  I told her she would have to refund me at least part of the money with what's left in her dwindling bank account.  (She isn't working this summer and her school year job ended yesterday.)

Think that's bad?  I haven't gotten to Guppy 2 yet!

What am I going to do with Guppy 2?!?! (((sigh)))

First thing with Guppy 2 is that she couldn't find a library book that was due about a month ago!  We searched everywhere in the house to no avail.  I kept asking her to check her locker at school, which she said she did.  Yesterday, after completely cleaning out her locker at school, guess what she found?  Oops!  The library fine was at $3.20.  (By the way, I tried to use the renew feature to stop the fines from accruing but someone had the darn book on hold so I couldn't!)

Second thing with Guppy 2.....

She lost her science book to the tune of $70!!!!

Yeah, you read that right....SEVENTY BUCKS!  Let's not even mention the fact that this book is gigantic!  And heavy!  And couldn't possibly be lost that easily....or so one would think!

We looked everywhere for it and, since her locker is completely cleaned out, it is truly missing.  I have no possible idea how but it happened.  Writing that check yesterday was hard, trust me!

Now, I have to decide how she can "pay" her share of the lost book.  Possibly extra chores around the house? 

On a positive note, everything will basically "wash" out in the end.  We are getting a refund of $93 from our car insurance and then the $33 NSF charge from the orthodontist.  So, we will still be up a few bucks.

Still that doesn't excuse the Guppies being irresponsible does it?  We need to find a way to drive the point home that there will be consequences for them if they are not careful with school property.

Thank God summer starts next week!


  1. I subbed in the office at our local high school, and when it was slow I went through all the books in "lost and found." It turns out many of them had the kids' names written right in them - I had the kids called down to the office and many of them were pleasantly surprised to get their books back. Maybe you could check with the school?

    1. That's exactly what happened with the $13 book! The teacher forgot to check in that she returned it - but found it in the pile since she had put her name in it!
      As for the other book, well I don't think the teacher was exactly feeling like helping Guppy 1 out and double checking for her. There is little love loss between the two - to the point where I am writing a letter to the school to request that Guppy 2 NEVER has this teacher at the high school! (Yes it was THAT bad and, since we are "allowed" to make this sort of request, I will be doing it with this teacher!)