Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Found Money for June

This is a scheduled post...As you read this I am hopefully hiking up a mountain in Vermont and loving every excruciating minute of it!  LOL

My Coke Rewards: $10 Amazon Gift Card

Even though it can be tedious, there aren't many way to earn "free" money like My Coke Rewards...Especially if you are a soda fiend!  The only annoying drawback is that there is a limit to how many codes you can redeem per week.  Otherwise this is a piece of cake!  And much needed to help plump up my Amazon account again since I depleted most of it buying Papa's Father's Day gift!

CoinStar:  $22.05 Amazon Gift Card

I love plumping up the good ol' Amazon balance!  =)

Consignment Store:  $7.78

I called to get the balance on my account rather than driving over since I don't have anything new ready to consign.  The money will stay in my "account" a bit longer.

Bottle Redemption:  $8.95

I still have a LOT to return but on Saturday I was only able to return this amount before a couple of machines went down....Oh and did I mention the father/daughter team who had THREE full to the rim carriages to return?  Ummmm, yeah I was happy returning what I did and will save the rest for July!

How did you do on your found money this month?

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