Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Miscellany

The first week of summer has FLOWN by in my world and I am definitely pushing myself to the limit!  But, the Guppies are happy - G1 is happier than I have seen her in a very long time which makes Papa and me happy.  I have a good feeling that things are finally turning around for her on all fronts.  G2 is doing her own thing as usual and is balancing the time she spends between her boyfriend and her friends extremely well....And we need to get to the library again because (during her off time -which hasn't been that much) she has managed to read three books already!

Anyway, I have a few topics to touch upon so here goes....

Papa's Family

Papa's mom is still in the hospital but is doing well.  The doctors wanted to move her to a rehab facility that has "acute" care and Medicare denied it.  The hospital tried to repeal it yet Medicare wouldn't budge.  The doctor came into my mother in law's room, shaking his head, and told her that it was ridiculous for Medicare to spend 5X as much for the hospital stay rather than sending her to acute rehab.  No one is quite sure how much longer she will be in the hospital now before she is ready for a "regular" rehab facility.

Papa's brother had a rough week.  He wasn't quite right in the beginning of the week.  When Papa or his sister spoke to him he was slurring words and, quite frankly, sounded drunk.  He swore he didn't do anything of that nature and finally went to the hospital close to his home.  That hospital transferred him over guessed it....the hospital where Papa works and his mom is!  We went to see him last night but he was sedated.  We talked with his doctor who essentially said his kidneys aren't working at all right now.  They are hopeful the situation can be reversed but only time will tell.  If not, the next step is intermittent dialysis until the kidneys do recover.  And, then if they still don't, he'll need a liver and a kidney.  The guy is only 45 years old!

So far Papa is handling the stress okay but it is so much for him to juggle.  He has this big project AND now has TWO family members in the hospital.  Of course I am keeping a close eye on him to make sure he continues to handle it well.

The Car Situation

My old car is being donated today.  Papa left which charity up to me so I chose on that will benefit the children hospitals of our state.  On Monday, I caved and texted my niece to see if she wanted that door part and never heard back from her.  So, I tried to help and my conscience is completely clear there...not that it shouldn't have been anyway but I'm a softie sometimes.  It will be a relief to have it out of our driveway.  It wasn't an eyesore or anything like that but I just didn't like having it sit there.

Papa and I have been searching for a "new to us" car for a couple of weeks now.  The plan is for me to pick him up slightly early from work today(since I have the car and he has put in about 36 hours in the past three days at work) and go check out one that is located a town away.  We saw this car last Sunday when the dealership was closed and it looks promising.  Our hope is that the car is still available so we can test drive it.

Grocery Shopping

I have been diligent in keeping my receipts together but haven't had an opportunity to input them here or into my spreadsheet.  I'll make time for that this weekend and post about it then.  I will say, looking into what's left in the envelope, and tallying it in my head, I don't have a great feeling about it.

Menu Planning

I have been cobbling together dinners on the fly lately.  Partly due to the Guppies running around and partly due to my driving Papa back and forth to work.  I hate figuring it out last minute almost every single day!  I need to think about either a)simple quick meals or b)preassembled or crockpot style meals and casseroles.  OR maybe a little of both? 
Again, after we get a second car, this may get easier since I won't have to be driving around dinner time to get Papa.


We have had a few freebies come our way this week thanks to my BFF.  Of particular note:

A 3/4 full bottle of Origins facial wash  (BFF decided she couldn't stand the smell)
1 brand new set of body brushes (like the kind used for cellulite)
1 beautiful woven winter scarf  (stashed with our winter mittens and hats in the front closet)

And then one thing NOT from my BFF but too adorable not to mention...
I drove G2, her boyfriend, and his best friend over to the mall on Wednesday.  Since I didn't want to waste gas driving back and forth, I decided to bring a book and wait for them in the car (with the windows open so I didn't die from the heat of course!  Haha!)  About one hour later, they came out and handed me two pieces of pizza!  The boys bought it for me because I drive them everywhere and thought I might be hungry!  How cute is that?  LOL

It feels like I am forgetting something....Oh well.  I'm off to walk the dog and straighten up what I can of the house while I'm here this morning! 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I can imagine the stress your hubby is having with 2 family members ill and in the hospital. That's a lot to deal with, as well as trying to settle into a new job. Hoping things get better soon.