Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gas & Garbage


Our gas situation took a HUGE hit this past week due to my running around.  We had to fill up TWICE!  The first time was $32.50 and the second was $31.  $63.50 in gas in one week is CRAZY! And, hopefully is not going to be the trend this summer!  With only $61.50 left in this month's budget before these fills..well, yeah, I blew the gas budget for the month!  (Booooo!)  I am going to be mindful for the rest of June, tallying up my gas purchases, and try to decide on a budget amount for July - which should be extra interesting since by then we should hopefully have or almost have two cars again.


Three 13 gallon kitchen sized bags this week.  Unfortunately a LOT of it was what I am calling "End of the School Year" debris.  While all of the Guppies old papers went right into the recycling bin, there were many things that couldn't...broken down binders, messed up rulers, broken mechanical pencils, and the like.  I salvaged what I could for my own use but still ended up with a full bag of trash.

Not the most exciting post I know.  But, it does help me keep track, you know?

Happy Wednesday!

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