Thursday, June 30, 2016

Girls Mini Vacation!

A few pictures from the trip!

A slightly obscured (and cockeyed) view of the town from Sunset of the new hikes we did this time.  I bet this is a beautiful view in the fall and also when there aren't any leaves on the trees.

Pictures from Moss Glen Falls and Bingham Falls.  We have been going to Stowe for over 24 years and never tried either of these hikes until this time around!  So happy we did it!  And we got to swim in the swimming holes of each!

The hike up to Sterling Pond never disappoints us because of this!  Gorgeous with very clear and ice cold water!

And we had to visit Emily's bridge...the "haunted" covered bridge in town.  Truth be told, there is a house on this street that I would sell my soul to buy!  LOL

It was a wonderful and relaxing few days.  And, actually on the frugal side, when you think about how much vacations cost! 

The weather held out and only rained Tuesday night when we were already back at the hotel.  We did a total of five hikes (no charges) and then the other activities were all free (included) at the hotel: played a little bit of tennis (we brought our own balls/rackets), swam in the indoor pool, used the hot tub, and  the girls hung out in the sauna.

Food costs weren't bad:
Monday we had to stop for breakfast on the road - approx. $45
I stopped at a large local grocery store the next town over on our way into Stowe and bought a case of water, Snapple, and some munchies for the room:  $22 (brought home the leftovers)
Monday's dinner was $50 (including tip)
Tuesday morning we stopped at our favorite little market to grab some of their bars for a snack during our hikes: $16
Tuesday's dinner ended up a little over $50 (again including tip)
Wednesday we stopped and grabbed more bars for home: $20
Wednesday morning we stopped at the local mercantile to grab a few of our favorite goodies for home:  $37
Wednesday we stopped on our way home and had ice cream from the Ben&Jerry's touring factory: $20

I'm sure I missed some ways that I could have done it better.  And these costs may seems extravagant to some.  But, for my family and our usual food costs here, I am pretty happy with how we did.  Of course it does definitely help that the breakfasts included at the hotel are HUGE!

It was a beneficial trip for me in that I stretched my anxiety and drove the girls there...not that there was any other great way to get there from CT anyway.  Since being with Papa, I haven't done much of the long distance driving and have NEVER done a full drive to Stowe until now!  The anxiety disappeared pretty quickly - I think in part because I know the route and all the backroads by heart.  Plus, it made me feel even MORE comfortable up there - which I didn't think could be possible!

Guppy 1 and her BFF (and me for that matter!) had a great time!  It was well worth the expense since this summer has been the happiest I have seen G1 in such a very long time.

The girls were talking about maybe making this a yearly summer tradition...I would be up for that since the time I have left with G1 is so precious....I will jump at the chance to do it again and again for as long as they want me included!  =)

Have a great Thursday!

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