Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is It Too Late To Pick A Word For The Year?

Diligence: noun
careful and persistent work or effort

Way back at the end of last year/beginning of this one, there was a lot of buzz about creating a single word or mantra for the new year.  While I thought it was a good idea, I didn't use it.
Here we are at June 1st and I am going to adopt one now!

I always have the greatest of intentions but I get tripped up on the follow through.  I let things get in the way and, while I don't necessarily give up completely, I let the wave of life's chaos take me where it pleases. 

Guess what?

That hasn't always worked out so well....

I know how I am and if I try to use this for everything in my life I will fail.  So I am going to focus in on a few key areas...

1. Grocery Costs
Yeah, this is one place where my best of intentions get lost fast!  To really help make sure I stay on the right track, I am going to use the Dave Ramsey famous envelope system.  When Papa gets paid, I will pull the grocery money out and put it in the envelope and that is all I will have to work with!  The other benefit of the envelope system is that I will have a place to keep all the grocery receipts since I tend to lose them/they get thrown out.  I can't keep my excel spreadsheet like I want if I don't have data to input!

2. Health
Although I don't talk about it too much on my blog, my health is not great - partly due to my own fault.  I am well over a healthy weight (40 to 50 pounds if I am being completely honest) and drink way too much diet soda.  I need to lose weight for health reasons not just vanity (although it would be a boost to my self confidence)!  So, what am I going to do about it?

2a.  Wean off soda
I have started to whittle down my soda consumption to two per day and will continue a steady decline off the stuff.  Instead I have been drinking water flavored with slices of fruit or cucumbers.  I seriously just started doing this yesterday but so far am not missing the soda throughout the day.  I even sliced up the next batch and had it ready to go in the fridge this morning which helped.

2b.  Eat more healthfully
Getting more organized with my menu plan will help here.  Also, since the farmer's market is almost in full swing, I will have lots of options.  I need to be prepared....Have lunches at the ready so I'm not tempted to make/buy something quick and calorically dense because I'm too hungry.  The same goes for dinner...By having a menu plan and sticking to it, I will be less tempted to say screw it and order take out.

2c.  Keep moving
While good for the weight loss part, moving is especially important to me because of the Multiple Sclerosis.  The stronger and more limber I keep my muscles, the more success I will have in mobility for the long term but also for when an exacerbation hits.

2d.  Take my meds
I'm pretty awful about taking my meds at the same time every day.  To help ensure success here I now have an alarm on my phone set.  Also, when our new insurance kicks in through Papa's employer, I need to get straight back to my neurologist so we can discuss the next phase in my treatment since I have been off my main MS medication since the end of November (and even then there was discussion about switching drugs since the one I was on was losing efficacy).

3.  Savings
While we survived Papa's unemployment, our finances took quite a beating.  I need to start back up with some sort of savings.  We are still waiting on Papa's checks to figure out our budget so, while I can't pinpoint a dollar figure yet, I know that I need to save monthly for the following categories at minimum:


It's hard for me to stop at these three things, even though they are in fact quite a lot to tackle at once.

There are so many areas that need work!

But I gotta start somewhere right?

Do any of you have a key word/mantra for the year?  If so, how's it working out for you?

Happy June 1st!


  1. You honestly do not look overweight to me at all!

    1. Thank you..But, I think you need your eyes checked!!!!!! LOL Like I said, it's not just for vanity, I need to do it for the MS too.