Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It Pays to Be Nice.....

Let me preface this post with a couple of obvious things...

 I am human...

In an ideal word, this wouldn't have even been an issue....

But, it's not a perfect world..

Or a perfect me!

The Friday before Memorial Day, I found out that Papa definitely was NOT going to be paid by direct deposit and would be getting a paper check...possibly for every pay day through June until the direct deposit is up and running.  And, well I began a slight panic because, well, that didn't work with my bill paying.

Especially since I completely forgot the automated payment every month for Guppy 2's braces.  Yep, no excuse except it completely slipped out of the large empty space I call my brain!

Worse yet, after paying other bills, there wasn't going to be enough money left in the account to completely cover the payment!

So, I called the office and explained the situation.  We have been going to the orthodontist for six plus years since we have the pleasure of putting both the kids through braces.  I haven't ever been late on a payment nor asked for any change in payment arrangements before this.  I asked them if it was possible to suspend the automated payment for June only and I would bring them a check to cover June's payment by the 15th.  They were very nice and agreed it would be no problem!



It was.

I was checking my bank account via the computer on June 2nd...

Yep, they took out the payment and...

overdrew my account!

I also incurred a $33 NSF fee (even though my bank thankfully paid the payment)!

I took a deep breath and called to speak to the same lady with whom I made the original arrangements.  She wasn't in the office and wouldn't be back until yesterday.  The woman who answered the phone promised to have her call me as soon as she walked through the door yesterday morning!  LOL

And, to her credit, she did.

I am sure I could have screamed bloody murder at this woman. 

I could have been unreasonable and made her Monday miserable.

But, I listened to her instead.  I let her explain what she believes had happened - things got busy, she minimized the screen and didn't process the request.

She apologized and said that the office would reimburse me the NSF charge from the bank.  All I needed to do was bring in a screenshot of the fee or a letter from the bank regarding the fee.

And, all is well (enough) again.

Because, hey, SHE is human too right?


  1. You handled this situation with grace!

    1. Thank you! Why yell and scream when what happened already happened? Part of the reason I think the bank covered the withdrawl is because I don't EVER bounce checks to begin with! So, getting the fee back was the ultimate goal and I didn't think I would get there any more quickly by yelling.

  2. Yep. Just a life blip. My husband always says, "It's not what happens to you it's how you react and handle what happens to you". Have an awesome rest of the week.

  3. I completely agree Crystal! Hope you have a great week too!