Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Grocery Budget....And Keeping Diligence In Mind

Ah, a new month.....a fresh start.....and the envelope system begins!

I decided to set the grocery budget for June at $475.  I have had all this out in cash in my little white envelope and will attempt to stay within just this amount!  (I do have another $100 I could use but I really want to put that towards emergency savings!)

Also, just an FYI:  All change generated from these trips will be going into my change jar at home.

So, yesterday I posted about the $40 I spent at the farmer's market.

Now it's time to add the Big Y trip I made yesterday too.

Big Y:  $109.34

Produce:  $3.97
1 large pineapple
1 large lemon

Meat:  $15.05
3 packages of split chicken breasts
3 lbs of bacon

Alcohol:  $4*
*not something that makes it onto the grocery list often but Papa and I enjoy these once in awhile during the summer*
4 individual bottles of Seagrams Coladas/Daquiris

Dairy:  $6.50
2 packages shredded cheddar cheese
1 (16 oz) container of sour cream

Bread:  $5.98
2 Grands Biscuits (G1 request to learn to make Monkey Bread)

Frozen:  $7.57
2 packages of hashbrown patties
2 bags of broccoli

Snacks:  $18.88
3 bags Spicy Doritos (2 stashed away for later)
3 bags of Honey BBQ chips (2 stashed away for later)
1 container of rainbow sprinkles

Drinks:  $5.98
3 (64oz) diet peach Snapple  (2 stashed away for later)
3 (64oz) diet lemon Snapple  (2 stashed away for later)

Cleaning Products:  $6.99
3 (32 ltr) Dynamo laundry detergent *
* I now have enough detergent to last through the summer at the very least*

Pantry/Staples:  $23.53
1 (14oz) Heinz ketchup
1 large jar of capers
4 packages of Udon noodles
1 can of white clam sauce

Seafood:  $9.99
2 clam strip and fries dinners

Misc/Bottle Deposits/Taxes:  $.90

Total Left in June Budget:  $325.66

Happy Sunday!

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