Monday, June 27, 2016

My First Trip to Walgreen's...

This is a scheduled post...As you read this I am hopefully hiking up a mountain in Vermont and loving every excruciating minute of it!  LOL

A few days ago I went to Walgreens for the first time in a very very long time...I'm thinking it has been six years?  There isn't one super close to my house but, if I drive a certain way to Target and/or the closest mall, I can make a trip here happen.  I opened up my Walgreen's loyalty card not only to get the rebates and points but also to do some online tracking since you can add healthy lifestyle habits and earn reward points.

Anyway....Here's how the trip went.

Spent:  $34.80*
after using the $10.58 in gift card balances

What was purchased:

2 Banana Boat 30 SPF Sunscreens  (Buy One/Get One Half Off)
This purchase was necessary since Guppy 2 will be in the Outer Banks for almost a full seven days!  The friend's family rented a house on the beach so, yeah, we needed her to have enough sunscreen!

2 large packages of makeup wipes and 1 package of eye makeup wipes  (Buy 2/Get 1 free)
I thought it was a fairly good deal so decided to stock up for the Guppies.

3 Clean & Clear Travel Sized facial scrub  (Buy 2/Get 1 free)
One went with Guppy 2 on her trip.  One will go with Guppy 1 and me on our Vermont trip.  And the last one will be stored away for when my whole family goes to Vermont again this summer -hopefully in August.

Misc Travel sized toiletries:
Dove deodorant
30 pack of Qtips
Dove body wash
Dental travel kit: travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, & listerine
Fructis shampoo & conditioner
I definitely paid a bit of a premium for these smaller items but the car G2 travelled down in is a Jeep Wrangler (think sport style NOT suv) and space is limited.  I needed

everything to fit into one larger tote bag so small items were a necessary evil, I guess.

What does this all mean for future Walgreen's purchases?  I'm not sure yet.  I will keep looking at the weekly flyers and see if anything seems like too good a deal to pass up.  I think only time will tell if it's a better deal than the CVS that is less than a ten minute walk from my home.

What do you guys think?  Are you loyal to CVS? Walgreens?  Neither?

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  1. I shop for deals between both. I rarely go to Rite Aid.