Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Saturday: Farmer's Market Finds and Playing Chauffeur; Plus Sunday Plans

I love this time of year at the market! It's almost completely in full swing with tons of options!
Here's what I got...

Smyth Dairy:  $10.50
1 pint of half n half
1 pint of raspberry yogurt
1 pint of blueberry yogurt

SoNo Bakery:  $22
4 Monkey Bread Muffins
2 small veggie tarts

Yale Tent: $2
1 bunch of nettles

Mushroom Lady:  $8
1 quart (?) of shitake mushrooms

2nd Bakery Tent:  $6
1 loaf of bread

The Soup Girl:  $10
1 pint of Beet Bisque
1 pint of Apricot & Lentil Soup

Veggie Vendor:  $8
1 container of sugar snap peas
1 bunch of beets with greens attached

Sweet Madeline's:  $5
1/2 dozen cider donuts

Total Spent:  $71.50

Funny thing is that, as I wrote down all of this, I realized how much bread products we got this week!  LOL

This was me for the past few days....minus the sports equipment and mini van.  But almost the same amount of kids!  LOL

Truthfully, I feel like I have a hangover and I haven't even had anything to drink!  Haha!
My butt has been in the driver's seat of our car more than it has been in our house these past few days!

I have brought Guppy 1 and her best friend to Lake Compounce (only to turn around and get them right away because it started pouring on them!) and then over to the West Farms Mall (approx. 30 minutes away).

But, G1 was easy peasy next to all the driving I have done for Guppy 2!

Since Friday morning's graduation, I have been zipping all over the town picking friends up and driving them different places:

G2's BFF's house
Laser Tag
The Movie Theater
Pottery Place in town
Panera Bread
I'm sure I am forgetting some places!

All the friends' parents have been appreciative and have offered to drive as well.  I decided I would do it all these two past days myself.  Why?  Well, I had the car available to me!  There are going to be days (until we find a new to us car) where I won't have a car at all and G2 will be the one needing a ride with her friends.  So, even though I feel wrecked this morning, I consider it time well spent.  Haha!

Plus, I got to finally meet Guppy 2's boyfriend - who is so completely adorable it isn't funny!  She admitted she was worried that Papa and I wouldn't like him....although I cannot imagine why!

As for today, I slept in until ten!  (Yay me!)

My list of things to do today include:

Big Y grocery trip
Bringing G2 to the mall for a second bathing suit (she is going on a week long beach trip in a few weeks with a close friend and needs a second one to switch out between)
Bringing G2 to visit my parents and pick up her graduation card
Go car shopping with Papa (nice to do when the places are closed! No pressure that way!)
Clean the kitchen
Iron Papa's work clothes
Plan out this week's menus
Clean animal crates
hopefully get some more reading done!


Is this Summer VACATION?

Just kidding...I am enjoying every minute of it!  =)

Have a great day!


  1. What do you do with the nettles? No farmers market for me yesterday (recitals) or next weekend (music festival out of state)

    1. You cook them like you do normal greens like spinach or kale. I sautéed them with garlic, olive oil, and beet greens this time and they were amazing! They kind of have almost a slight lemony flavor

      Hope the recitals went well!