Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recent Freebies!

This is another scheduled post for while I'm away!
Here's my latest round of freebie scores!

From the Freebie Fairy:
1 pair of brand new Converse sneakers (size 8 and perfect for G1)
1 3/4 full bottle of Mrs. Meyer's dish soap (didn't like the smell)
A&F shirt (will consign since we won't wear that brand)

From the library:
I am counting this as a freebie!  Huge fine for a DVD I forgot all about returning!  The librarian cut the fine in half so I was able to keep a little over nine bucks in my pocket!

From another good gardening friend:
2 narcissus plants
1 dwarf tomato plant

And that's about it for last week!  Score anything good on your end?

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