Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Stuff.....

Here's our Saturday in a nutshell!

Farmer's Market

We didn't buy very much at the market today since Papa will be the only one home from late Sunday through Wednesday.
Here's what we got:

Smyth Dairy:  $15.50
1 pint raspberry yogurt
1 pint cherry yogurt
1 container of milk
1 small container of half/half

The Soup Girl:  $10
1 pint of strawberry gazpacho (delicious!!)
1 pint of Thai Coconut soup

Two Guys from Woodbridge: $6
1 container of Mesclun mix

Total Spent:  $31.50

Guppy 2
I dropped Guppy 2 off this morning for her trip.  She is supposed to be coming home next Saturday at some point.  And, I am not ashamed to say that I cried a tiny bit -safely tucked away in my own car driving home of course - after I left her at her friend's house.  This is the longest and farthest she's been away from us.  I turned to Papa this morning and said, "What the heck am I going to do when she goes away to school?"  Probably cry harder!  LOL

Hike with Papa & Puppy
We decided to try to use up some of the dog's energy by hiking up a mountain in the next town over.  It was a beautiful day for a hike!  And, like we hoped, the dog is now sprawled out on the hardwood floor under the dining room table.   Is it bad that part of me wants to join her?!?!  It tired me out too!

Checking Off My List!
I have a HUGE to do list of things that I want to accomplish by Sunday night (before we leave early Monday morning)!  Here are some highlights:

Wash towels
Wash Papa's work shirts/iron
Make Pasta Salad for Papa's lunch early next week
Make oatmeal cookies for Papa to snack on while we are away
Get together clothes that we need to bring/pack
Find tennis rackets/tennis balls
Clean out fridge
Pull $$$ out of bank
Go over list of places Guppy 1 would like to try to visit on our way back on Wednesday to see if any are on the way home

Well, it's already 4pm here so I better get moving! 
Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!!!

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