Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Dilemma....

......But a GREAT dilemma to have when you look at it!

This past Monday, as Papa and I took the dog on her evening walk, we were talking about Papa's job.  He is way happier here than I can even begin to try to describe - which makes my world pretty awesome!  There is a big sixteen week project coming up and he was invited to be on the team.  His boss also said that Papa is coming up to speed so quickly that they can utilize the consultants that are coming in more for the project than him!  (Originally they expected to have Papa work with a consultant for two to three weeks but now that is down to Papa needing about three DAYS!)  So, Papa is going to be putting in some long and possibly weird hours.  There may be times he needs to work the night shift rather than day so they can fully access the OR area without getting in the way of scheduled surgeries.  Papa started a search for his "new" (really used but new to us) car in earnest that night.

Flash forward to early this afternoon.....

Papa called me.  He doesn't call me while at work unless he's visiting his mom's hospital room or walking from building to building so I knew something had to be up.  The boss called him into the office today and told him after the second meeting they had yesterday where Papa brought up more good points, he has decided that Papa should RUN THE ENTIRE SIXTEEN WEEK PROJECT!!!  The boss gave him full control of the whole thing!

It's pretty funny because, when the boss called for a phone interview with Papa, he was skeptical about hiring someone outside the medical field.  And, less than a month at work, the boss is now so impressed he gave Papa this!

I am so beyond proud of him!  And happy for him (and us too)!

This crazy project starts next Monday so the car search is now going to be frantic!

No, we won't be jumping at the first car we see nor will we be attempting to buy before Monday....

But, we will need that second car a lot sooner than later!

We can handle the upcoming insane 16 weeks a LOT better if I have transportation for emergencies and to get the Guppies around.

Wish us luck!

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