Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Are a Two Car Family Again!

*As of tomorrow afternoon!

Papa had spent hours on the internet looking at Car Fax and Car Guru over the past few weeks.  We had found a few matches online but the cars always seemed to either a. get sold before we could get there or b. were at dealerships with horrid ratings.

Finally, he saw a potential match in the town next to us...Nice looking car with a good dealer!  So last Friday evening we went to check it out and have a little fun in the process!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have the worst poker face on the entire planet...Which is why I was shocked when Papa told me to play "Bad Cop" with the salesman!  I had taken one look at the car and was ready to buy it and now he wanted ME to act like I didn't want it?!?!  Well I am happy to say I played my part perfectly (HAHA!) because I harnessed my "inner practical mom" and pretended that we needed this as a family car.  You know the drill....the backseat isn't very large, we could get more gas mileage out of another Honda, etc.  We were even able to get another $500 shaved off the price - which was already very competitive! 

We left a small refundable deposit with the dealership so we could "sleep on it and discuss it" overnight.  Yeah, like that happened.  At least I waited until we were back in our car and the salesman was out of sight before I finally was able to let out the pent up excitement!

It's a nice car, truly it is.  It's an older car but without the mileage you would expect a ten year old car to have.  Oh and I probably should mention it is a FUN car - as in a convertible.  BUT, it gets decent gas mileage, is all wheel drive, and will be used by Papa year round.  And we have a two year unlimited bumper to bumper guarantee.

While some could say that getting a second car is frivolous, this is what will work best for my family.  Driving Papa back and forth to work, albeit a fairly short (15 miles one way) commute, was killing our gas consumption and putting extra miles on our first car - which has almost 250K on it!

I will miss getting the extra time alone with Papa during our drives to and from his job.  But, this is so much better in the long run.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yay! We tried doing the one car thing a few years ago...only lasted a while basically because we were putting too many miles on the one car and add in all the errands that a newborn causes and it was crazy. I can't imagine not having 2 cars now, although if we had to we probably could since hubby's job is now close enough to walk. Glad you guys got a second car and things can get back to more normal for you.

    1. Thanks Rachel! And, yes, not only can it get back to normal but it also opens up even MORE for the summer! For example, spending the full day at the beach and not worrying about having to drive back at a certain time to get Papa.
      I'm really happy with how Papa researched this car - he wanted a convertible if he could find one in our price range but, more importantly, wanted a reliable well made car. So happy we could find both!

  2. Congratulations on becoming a two car family again. My wife and I have been operating with one car for a while here and driving each other to work, and waiting to be picked up is definitely lost time. I hope our upcoming car search goes as well as your did!