Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Updates

So many little things to update today!  Here we go!

  Yesterday his long afternoon meeting got cancelled so he called me to see if I would find out if we could pick up the new to us car in the evening.  A call to the dealership and then to the insurance company and by 5pm last night Papa had the keys, top down, and music blaring.  Between his new job and this new (10 year old) car, he is ecstatic!   Unfortunately the car got mixed reviews from the Guppies.  Guppy1 loves it (we think) and says she feels "spoiled" driving around in a convertible. (Of course we took it for a quick family ride last night! Haha!)  Guppy 2 says her father is suffering from a midlife 48! She is not a fan of the car at all - which is fine since the Honda is the car she'll be in 99% of the time anyway.

Today has me running so errands before Guppy 2 heads off with her friend's family to the Outer Banks for a week.   I saw some pictures of the house they are renting and I have no problem admitting I am jealous!  The place looks like it is almost right on the beach!  It has a inground pool, hot tub, and its own movie theater room too!  It was so nice of this family to invite her and I'm sure they will have a great time! 
But, that does leave me scrambling to pick up a few items she'll need and I want to attempt to do it as cheaply as possible...

First stop will be Walgreens.  My BFF had given me two gift cards with small balances on them that she wasn't planning on using.  These total $10.48.  On my way to Target, I'll stop at a Walgreens, get myself a store card, and use up these balances.  On my radar there will be:
Travel size bottle of Motrin (she gets migraines)

Second stop (as mentioned above) will be Target.  I have a gift card with $12.81 left on it.  On my radar there will be:
A new beach towel
A third bathing suit since G2 isn't crazy about the second one that G1 had passed on that was never worn last year)

I'll also take a quick look for some other things we need around the house and possibly some groceries.

I'll write a post about what I bought/how well I did later tonight or tomorrow.

Papa's mom FINALLY got moved to a rehab facility!  And it's in the city where she lives so very close to the rest of the family!  She's a bit discouraged because when the doctor came in to talk with her, he said they would be measuring progress week to week not day to day....which means, while this is still a short term rehab stay, it's not nearly as short term as she wants.  Hopefully this will make her work even harder to get home soon.

My brother in law is stable but, due to his kidneys failing, has been moved up on the liver donation list to #2!  He's pretty freaked out about it but honestly he only has two options right now and getting a donated liver is the MUCH better option!  I am happy this has happened for a couple of reasons...First and foremost, getting a new liver means he has the potential to get a new lease on life and his kidneys still get a chance to recover if this happens!   The second and more selfish reason is that being so high on the list means the chances of him getting a liver from another source (not Papa) very very good!

And lastly there is me on the health front.....I can't wait for July 1st and our new insurance to kick in!  I'm fine for the most part but need a couple of non-MS issues checked out for my own piece of mind.  The only silver lining is that these issues have just cropped up so it's not like they have been ignored for long!

Lastly, next Monday through Wednesday, Guppy 1, her BFF, and I will be taking a trip to our "happy place" in Vermont! 
Papa and I have been discussing this for a little while now.  We weren't able to go on our usual family vacation last summer to Vermont.  And Guppy 2 went with another friend's family to the Cape last summer.  This would have been the second year that Guppy2 had a vacation and Guppy1 didn't. 
I know this may sound crazy or petty but trust me, it's not.  Something has clicked inside Guppy1's brain (as I have mentioned a few times now) and we want her to have the BEST summer possible.) in the past few weeks.  So...the decision was made for me to take the girls.
It is going to be a relatively inexpensive trip.  The cost of the room is under $250 for the three of us for two nights and includes a very hearty sit down breakfast.  G1's BFF is vegetarian which will also cut down on expense.  The hotel has an outdoor pool, indoor pool, indoor hot tub, and tennis courts so enough to keep us busy right there.  Add in at least two hikes, some exploring/walking on the rec path, and more exploring of our favorite covered bridge (and the stream under it!) and we will be set for activities.  There will be a little bit of shopping done as well but that is mostly for things we will bring home from our favorite mercantile...think jams/jellies, salsas, etc. 
Including gas, this trip should be under $600 and well worth the experience/memories.  I'm sad that Papa cannot come with us but at least this way he will be here to take care of our furry family memebers in the mornings and evenings which also helps keep the cost of the trip down.

So, that's what's up here.  I better head out soon if I am going to be back in time to cook dinner!!!


  1. What a relief it must be to have a second car again. We only have one but it's just me and my husband and he works from home so I do most of the errands and shopping. We really feel it on days like Monday when our brakes went out and we had to have it in the shop for 2 days and my husband had a medical test on the other end of town. But all is well and the car is back in tip top shape again. A convertible sounds fun. Have an awesome week. Take care.

    1. Thank you! And wow it must have been very hard when the car broke down for you guys! But I guess the saving grace was that he didn't have to travel to go to work so that's good. Hope all is well for you and your husband!!!

  2. Glad things are going so well!! Just got back last night, I have been catching up with you here. Love the car pic on FB!

    1. Thanks! Hope the trip was fun! And, OMG that car pic sums it up! He is like a little kid in that thing...albeit he does drive pretty slow! Haha! Coffee or lunch soon I ho[e? Would love to catch up fully!