Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chilling Out!

Today has been a pretty quiet day so far...

I took Guppy 2 to the library this morning to grab some more books to read...I swear the girl is never home but when she is her nose is always in a book!  And, I LOVE that!

I will be taking Guppy 1 to her vocal lesson tonight.  While I love spending time with her, I am not looking forward to the drive.  I am not crazy about where the studio got relocated and parking is a nightmare!  But, I have to suck it up and drive this week and next as well since....

Papa has been working a TON of hours...Yesterday he worked a thirteen hour day and Monday he worked eleven or twelve!  We both knew this was going to happen over the course of the upcoming months (until the end of October).  Even though I miss having him here at "normal" hours, I am very thankful that he has this new job that he loves and that the boss truly appreciates him! 

So, today is going to be another long day for him and, on top of that, G1's vocal coach asked to have her come almost two hours earlier than her scheduled lesson time.

And, then this Sunday, Papa is off to California for another conference and won't be coming home until early Thursday morning...I think he said his flight comes in at 1 am!  So, vocal duty is up to me next Wednesday!

Other than that, I'm still nursing this cold and trying to find the motivation to tackle some of the housework around here!  Haha!

Happy Hump Day!

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