Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cooking Like a Crazy Woman...

So, about the picture above...
My girls LOVED the show Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network!  For those who aren't familiar, the lady in the picture is Muriel, the kindly old lady Courage adores.  In one episode, Muriel goes into full blown panic and handles the stress around her by going into cooking mode.  The scene ends with her collapsing face first into some of the food she just finished making.
I tend to think about that scene every time Papa goes away because I tend to get all my own nervous energy out in my kitchen too!  Today was no different!  Haha!

I think the Guppies and I are set with goodies for the week with the following:

1 large pan of Rice Krispies
1 medium sized pan of brownies
Apple turnovers


I made a mushroom & spinach quiche for easy breakfasts for me this week too.

Pretty productive and a good use of piggy backing things in the oven!

Now to deal with the dishes and messy kitchen!

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