Saturday, July 23, 2016

Farmer's Market Finds

We got a very late start this morning!  I didn't get out of bed until TEN AM!  (I have the beginnings of a decent cold brewing so the extra rest will hopefully combat it a little!)  Also, my mom asked me if Papa & I could stop over to help them move a few pieces of furniture in preparation for their new mattress delivery later today.  So, instead of our usual nine am farmer's market trip, we didn't get there until almost 12:30 - and the market closes at 1pm!  Still, we got what we needed so no complaints.

Wooster Street Farmer's Market:  $16

1 bottle of whole milk
1 pint of cherry yogurt
1 pint of blueberry yogurt
1 quart of green beans  (I am soooo missing my garden green beans but sadly, we waited to long to plant and couldn't find any)
1 small bag of spicy salad greens

On the way home from there, I asked Papa to stop at the farm up the street  from us to take a quick look around since I hadn't gotten there yet this summer.  We definitely didn't leave empty handed!

Zentek Farms:  $7.11

3 ears sweet corn
2 large sweet potatoes
2 medium sized eggplants

Total Spent at Farms Toady:  $23.11

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the total I spent today and what it bought.  If you have been following my Farmer's Market trips, this price is a fraction of what I usually spend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


  1. We are going tomorrow. Jay is hoping for corn.

    1. You are probably on your way as I write this but there was corn at Wooster! Hopefully Edgewood has it too!!!

    2. I got a dozen ears! Also, my market share farm, Four Root Farm will be at Wooster in August! Introduce yourself to Rachel.

    3. I definitely will! We aren't as "loyal" to the veggie people since we tend to go where the produce looks good/vendor has what we are looking for. But now, I will make a point to check them out first come August!!!

  2. You're brave for heading to farmer market in this heat. I'm skipping them. Hitting the local stand on the war to westbrook for zucchini and ShopRite for anything else....just to exhausting in this heat

    1. I hear you about the heat! Actually we spent a LOT of yesterday inside after the farmer's market and my grocery store trip! Heat and humidity trigger my MS so I have to be careful.