Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Birthday to G2

Guppy 2 turns 14 today!

I'll be running her and a couple of friends over to Lake Compounce for the day and then she will have dinner with us (Papa, G1, and me) afterwards.  I told her we would take her out to eat and so far she thinks she wants to go to Fridays....This works for me since in years past she has chosen hibachi (a far more expensive option).  We purchased a small custom flavored ice cream cake for her from our local independent ice cream parlor which we will have after dinner.

We are including her birthday party (the overnight stay at the Lake Compounce cabin next week) as part of her gift because the cost does add up when you factor in the cost of the cabin and having to feed ten kids dinner/snacks/breakfast the following morning.   But, she loves the experience and asked for it again this year.  Other than that, we have purchased a few very well thought out and unique gifts which I am (fairly) sure she will love.

While she is at the amusement park, I will be home getting some errands done...Specifically grocery shopping.  While I did say I didn't want to end up back in the grocery store until Friday, shopping today fits into my plans better.

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!

Update:  Due to the potential soggy weather, G2 isn't sure what she wants to do today.  They may still go to the amusement park.....or they make just hang out here and watch movies.  Either way I will still be able to get a few errands done!  =)


  1. We never knew there were cabins there til now.

    1. Yeah, they are kind of tucked away before you pull into the parking lot. It's a little campground on its own! The girls love it - including G1 who is really into the tiny house movement.