Sunday, July 10, 2016

How Is It Sunday Afternoon Already?!?!

Wish this was me but sadly it's not!  Haha!

How on earth did it become three pm on Sunday afternoon already?!?!

We have been extremely busy around here this weekend!

Yesterday we spent the day in Long Island at an all day music festival.  We attend at least once a year during this festival's tour and don't mind driving to NY because 1.the show is at Jones Beach and 2.the fellow concert goers have consistently been nicer than the ones that show up to Connecticut.  Papa and I completely luck out since we get in for free as long as we bring kids under the age of 18 - I guess we are in the minority of the parents who bring their kids but actually WANT to be there!  LOL  This was a planned summer expense and came in at a little under $300 total for the day for six of us (each guppy brings a friend)! And, of that $200 was for the tickets!  It helped tremendously that it wasn't as hot as usual because, at $5 per water/soda and not being able to bring in more than one water bottle per person, it can get quite pricey. 

This morning was spent getting Papa ready for his trip to NYC until Wednesday.  After being with him for a total of 25 years, you would think it would be easy to say goodbye for a few days.  It wasn't.  I hated dropping him off at the train station earlier this afternoon.  Even though he is still relatively close in proximity, NYC makes me nervous with all that has happened across the country as of late.  Wednesday evening can't come quickly enough!

I am hoping to be productive over the next few days and am compiling a list of things I want to accomplish!  If I can get even half of it done I'll be happy! 


The rest of today will be about recovering from yesterday (even the Guppies are still tired!), trying to get some laundry done, and some prepping/baking for the beginning of the week.  The Guppies are seriously whining about there "not being food" in the house, which of course there is....just not as much of the convenient "grab & go" variety.  My hope is to make it until Thursday before hitting the grocery store.

Speaking of groceries, I still have to get my totals updated here on the blog.  Onto my big list it goes!  Hopefully that will be accomplished tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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