Friday, July 1, 2016

July Grocery Shopping & Thinking Ahead

Honestly, this grocery budgeting is tripping me up something fierce!  Last month's envelope system worked...only partially.  There must be something crosswired in my brain or something! This month I will be tracking how much I spent but I don't have a cap per se.  My goal is to spend as little as possible but I am not "officially" allocating a dollar amount.  Maybe this will help?  I just am not sure.  The other reason it's hard to determine a figure for this month is that it's G2's birthday and she wants to rent a cabin for her and her friends at Lake Compounce - which means stockpiling some goodies/drinks/food.  There are a few other smaller things happening in July that will add a teensy bit to the budget too.

Big Y:  $131.97
* denotes item for G2's birthday party

1 container of baby roma tomatoes
1/2 lb of olives from olive bar
2 heads of garlic
3/4 lb black plums
2.25 lbs of cherries
1 bag of baby spinach
2 lbs of carrots
6 ears of corn
1 (very large!) ribeye steak
1 flank steak
1 16oz container of sour cream
1 bag (10 count) flour tortillas
1 bag of shredded cheddar
2 bottles of OJ
1 (32 oz) container of Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt
1 large bag of pizza rolls
1 bag of frozen berries
2 gallons of Friendly's ice cream
2 boxes Au Gratin potatoes
2 (100 count each) paper plates *
2 boxes of pink lemonade single serve mixes
1 jar of Asian chili paste
3 packages of Udon noodles
1 McCormick fajita seasoning packet
4 single diet raspberry Snapples
2 bags of Lays chips (B/G)*
2 bags of Doritos (B/G)*
4 (12 packs) of Coke products *
4 (32 oz) bottles of Gatorade
2 jars of ice cream topping

CVS:  $6.07
* denotes items being saved for an all day music festival we will be attending next weekend.  It will be us and four teenage girls.  We aren't allowed to bring in much food from outside (they check bags) but sealed candy is okay..I think! 

1 package (12 rolls) of Charmin toilet paper
1 jar of Nutella (needed for recipe G1 & I are baking)
1 Woman's Day magazine (splurge for me)
1 theater sized box of Gobstoppers *
1 theater sized box of Swedish Fish *
1 theater sized box of Sour Patch Kids *
1 small bag of Double Bubble gum *
1 small bag of orange jelly slices *

All (*) food/goods are already squirreled away in the top shelf of a closet far away from the kitchen.  This is the most successful way to make sure they stay allocated for what they are meant for!  LOL

Total Spent on July Groceries:  $138.04


  1. I grind summer is always more expensive since the teens are home and eating more at home

  2. June sent me around the bend with normal shopping and getting stuff for vacation. My husband said that I should just put those things in the vacation budget since buying those things meant that we didn't have to eat out and spend more money. I see the point but summer is costing a fortune and it barely started for us!! Good luck with your fun summer stuff!!! and the budget :)