Thursday, July 28, 2016

Looking Ahead....

While summer has been great and lots of fun, this is around the time I start to get "antsy" and begin to think ahead...

To September...

It will be the first (and last!) year both my girls will be in HIGH school together!  That will bring some ease to my driving schedule but I am sure there will be extracurricular activities/clubs to juggle - some of which should be the same if I'm lucky!  But, it will also change my daily "at home" schedule - so the wheels are creaking and trying to think of different ideas/plans.

I am going to be re-evaluating the budget for a September re-start...

There are things that I am mulling over getting rid of completely - if not at least for the moment.  The top two things on the list are the Guppies music lessons....
  G2 has been enjoying her drum lessons but isn't practicing nearly as much as she used to.  She would much rather spend time with her friends, read, or write.  She has already stated that she "may" not want to continue once high school starts because she wants to take advantage of her time there.  Our high school will probably be a much kinder/better place for G2 than it has been for G1 so it's hard to argue with her logic!  
As for G1, I am far from happy with her vocal teacher.  His lack of professionalism has been very apparent lately.  The past month and a half there have been three separate occasions that upset us.  First, he cancelled a lesson the day of, stating there was an emergency at home.  Okay fine.  But....the next day he was posting pictures on social media of his "view" from the balcony of his hotel on VACATION!  Second, he bugged G1 to purchase an app (which ended up being fairly useless) that cost $10.  G1 was resistant to which he told her "Ten dollars shouldn't be a big deal since your father is working again.".  The third thing happened last evening, he asked to move G1's lesson up to an earlier time.  I said fine and got her there.  I waited outside in the car and received a text from her FIFTEEN minutes into what should have been her lesson saying that he hasn't taken her in yet but is still schmoozing the family of the student who's lesson was before her into purchasing more studio lessons in acting/dancing/etc.  And, the kicker is he didn't give her the full half hour!  She got a total of 22 minutes of lesson time! 
Ultimately, I will leave the decisions up to the girls but boy I am boiling regarding G1's vocal teacher!

Also, I will continue tackling my grocery budget.  I am *hoping* I can save a good amount of money once the girls are back in school!  Summer always seems to put a huge kink in the works regarding groceries.  It's not even like they eat all that much - it's just what they do eat/like, they run through pretty quickly!  When they are in school five out of the seven days per week, it should give me some breathing room!

I really need to get some sort of housework system in place once September comes as well!  Luckily,  the planner that I received for Mother's Day has some inserts that I was able to turn into a "household" planner - complete with housework pages/charts, budgeting pages, and meal planning pages.  I am holding off September to start it but having the planner close by helps keep it in the forefront of my mind.

I haven't sat down to actually write anything (besides this blog!) in a few months now!  And I am missing it tremendously!  I want to get back into writing (especially the book I have been working on!) as soon as the girls are back in school!  I *need* that quiet time during the day to focus!  That has to be a permanent part of my new schedule!

I'm sure I will come up with more changes I would like to incorporate into my fall re-boot but that's currently what's running around my head.

Does anyone else start to get antsy/reformulate things around September?


  1. I for one cannot wait for school to start and I don't have any school aged kids! Lol

  2. I am ready for school to start back too. Things are just crazy around here and the lack of a schedule is driving me insane. LOL

    I would totally not put up with her vocal teachers attitude. I am a private tutor and if for some reason, one of my sessions runs over, I ALWAYS give the next person their hour, even if it means I am running behind the rest of the afternoon. That is what they are paying for.

  3. Rachel and I are on the same page. You already know how I run my studio. I know it is uncomfortable to start a conversation that you suspect will be touchy....... However, you have NOT been getting what you pay for on more than one occasion and you are definitely not being respected.

  4. I'm glad I didn't rush right in when G1 called and said her lesson was over...I was just THAT upset! Since Papa is away this week, I will have to bring her to lessons again. I have a few more days to figure out exactly what I want to say about what happened because it does need to be addressed - especially if she decides she wants to continue with this teacher. The Catch 22 is that G1 has improved with this teacher BUT he doesn't give homework and doesn't give her all the time allotted. So, is it that the teacher is helping her that much? OR would she do better with another teacher who is more qualified than this one? I'll let you guys know what we decide and what happens.